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Eric C Delivers a Flirtatious and Collaborative New Single, “My Way”

The city of Montreal, Canada, has been developing a great reputation for its phenomenal talent and multi-dimensional artists and Eric C is the proof in the pudding.

His layered talent has musical influences that blend his multi-cultural background and while growing up on hip-hop, but being a part of Dominican descent, his ability to switch from English to Spanish, and even carry on a love ballad is just a portion of the skills he possesses. Eric C isn’t afraid of new styles or to get creative with his artistry even if he has to deliver a bar for bar on a reggaeton to trap beats. He recently released the rhythmic and vibrant new single “My Way” and this song will most definitely get your hips whining and waist shaking.

“My Way” had this charismatic dancehall fused with reggaeton elemental productions that get the body moving and grooving. The paradise feel of the beat adds an escape dimension to the single that makes you forget about your every day stress. It's the perfect song to add to any of your feel-good playlists to put on when you've got your friends over.

The lyricism of “My Way” is club-ready, with a romantic but careless feel. “You got me chasing, I'm patient, but I'm waiting, I haven't seen anybody drop it like that” was the first line Eric C delivers in “My Way”, automatically creating this flirtatious vibration for the song, setting the tone early on.

The feature from singer Ayla creates this captivating and magnetic chemistry with two contrary voices blending together so effortlessly.

What we loved most about “My Way” was the delicate storytelling in the entire cultivation of the single. Here we see Eric C singing and rapping about a girl that he has set his eyes on and is bewitched by. “My Way” is a cute, and an amorous single that will have the dancefloors moved.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Eric C. Knowing you have the ability to give a multi-dimensional performance, varying from genres and techniques, which do you feel most comfortable with showcasing as an artist? 

Hey guys, well to me no style, in particular, I love switching it up and trying new things while at the same time sharpening my skills I want to be so good at so many styles that there's always a place for one of my songs in people's playlists whether they prefer the more traditional hip hop or songs or where I blend English and Spanish or songs that are more melody-driven there's always something for everybody & most importantly I try to master them to the point where people ask me for more songs of every genre because I am doing them at a high level. 

“My Way” was such a fun and charismatic single. What were your intentions with this song and can you share with us, some of your personal favorite elements to the production aspect while creating the song?

I created the song with KBMP (the producer of the song) from scratch we wanted to make a song that was overall fun, upbeat & something to dance to. As far as the production goes I got to be in the studio for the entire process so I'd say my favorite thing was being able to create a song with someone I have a lot of chemistry with so shoutout to KBMP he did an amazing job. 

Ayla was a great addition to the dynamics of “My Way”. How did this collaboration idea form? What component do you feel this combination brought to the single?

Originally, I was going to record the song by myself and had laid down the verses and pre-chorus but KBMP had the idea of bringing in a female voice to add a different dimension to the song so I connected with Ayla through a mutual friend & sent her the demo to see if she liked it. Safe to say she did and she did a fantastic job it was a perfect addition and gave the song the extra oomph it needed. 

How do you plan on elevating your sound in the near future? What are some goals you're seeking to achieve?

I want to start releasing bodies of work as I've been releasing singles for a while and feel like it is the next logical step in my progression as an artist I am currently working 2 EP's one in English and the second one in Spanish as I've gotten many requests to make more music in Spanish and I am currently working on releasing merch as well. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Life in general COVID-19 is just another reminder that we must always expect the unexpected and adapt to any situation in life so I've just changed the approach a little bit I released less music than last year but I had a little series on my Instagram where I would drop verses on popular instrumentals for example and even managed to shoot a video for My Way Pandemic and all so the lesson really is that there are no excuses. 



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