Errol Bangz Highlights Tragic Loss in a Moving Single, "Trauma"

Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, the electronic music producer, and DJ Errol Bangz pays a soothing sonic tribute to "Trauma" with his latest hit.

Referring to his music as alternative-electronic, Errol Bangz never fails to shine a light on needed and necessary topics through his in-depth production and versatile sampling. While also exploring multiple genres and fusing them into a unique soundscape, Errol Bangz's music continuously presents the real and raw truth of stories told from his perspective.

Highlighting a tragic story with his latest single, "Trauma," Errol Bangz and his intricate sampling touch on the devastating loss of 9-year-old DeAndre caught in a crossfire. While his sonics and production offer a similar style to Kaytranda, Errol Bangz deepens the song with his haunting vocal samples and rumbling drum breaks, allowing us to feel his aching soul and heart.

Diving into "Trauma," the piece opens with wavy synth arrangements that set the song's delicate and fragile tone. Once we're met with tragic samples of DeAndre's devastating story along with the dreaded sound of sirens, Errol Bangz instantly has us locked into this needed and essential storyline. While the vocal samples begin to haunt the foreground, Errol Bangz's intense and rhythmic drum breaks almost mimick the pounding of hearts broken by this shocking event.

"DeAndre was a quiet and loving boy who loved everybody; he will be missed," says DeAndre's mother in a devastating sample. If there's one thing for sure, it's that Errol Bangz knows how to compose a sonic story that speaks a thousand words.

Find Errol Bangz's emotional and chilling tribute to 9-year-old DeAndre with his latest single, "Trauma," available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Errol Bangz, it's a pleasure to sit down with you. When researching the tragic story in your single, "Trauma," we were flooded with various articles surrounding the loss of numerous children caught in crossfires. Could you expand on who's story this was and what compelled you to create this piece?

This was my story alongside countless others, people I grew up with, close friends, the list goes on. I just sat up one night thinking to myself like "damn nobody is really talking about this, why isn't this a topic of discussion?" That really bothered me so I decided to say something without actually saying it ya know.

How did you create your sonics to emphasize the feelings of loss and trauma within your single "Trauma?" How did you want your audience to feel after taking a listen to this moving single?

I did a lot of sounds designing to emphasize the feelings of loss and trauma, I wanted it to sound heavy, gritty, and ambient using a bit of distortion and reverb. Those were the two main ingredients in crafting the sound ya know. I wanted my audience to feel my pain and the pain of other victims of senseless violence, this was my way of bringing some awareness to the matter at hand.

We must thank you for shining a necessary light on tragic topics, especially within "Trauma." Is this a common occurrence for you? Should we always anticipate a meaningful story from your music?

I would say it was a common occurrence for me growing up that's for sure but stuff like this never leaves you, you carry it with you throughout life. Oh, yea most definitely! But I'm always going to keep the balance, there's going to be songs that are heartfelt with meaning and some that are fun.

Have you always created music that touches on significant topics, or did you encounter a sort of wake-up call that compelled you to create something greater and more purposeful along your musical journey?

Yes, I've always created music that touches on significant topics & I will say as time goes on the topics will get deeper, I think it's time to ruffle some feathers!

What's next for you?

Me staying on my mission and purpose will always be what's next for me, continuing to inspire & evoke emotions through my art. Yea straight like data!