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Eturnul Brings Back Feel Good Hip Hop With Hot New Single, “The Messenger"

Rooted in Southern California, Eturnul comes from living a fast street life to being delivered and blessed with a second chance, giving all glory to God. While spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and now leading by example, Eturnul has dedicated her life to educating, encouraging, and empowering others to live a positive and creative lifestyle.

Celebrating and reimagining the classic hit record "Mr.Big Stuff, "Eturnul delivers an undeniably strong, colorful, and charismatic performance with her new single and music video "The Messenger." Taking an old-school hip-hop approach to her craft, Eturnul infiltrates our speakers with a nostalgic wave of musicality to back it. With her witty bars and bouncy flow, Eturnul has us bopping our heads and dancing to the effervescent grooves that the 90s inspired record provides us with.

With help from her peers; Steve-Og, Steve Vicious, Dj Mac Cummings, Angelique Jonelle, Caraljo music, Peer Music & Mailico Music, Eturnul was able to capture and retain the fun essence of "Mr.Big Stuff" while giving it her own refreshing take and twist, including brilliant scratching on the ones and twos.

Eturnul is creating a bright new wave that is bringing back the love of classic hip hop. We're thankful to have Ethurul as our "Messenger" and predict that she'll be collaborating with some big legends in the game.

Listen and watch the video "The Messenger" available now.


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