Eventually Epic Displays Eclecticism With the Release of "Shoes"

February 21 | BuzzMusic

Eventually Epic is here to show off their collection of harmonious music. Eventually Epic consists of members Debarun Bhattachariya, Sachin Premasuthan, and Ryan Nilsen. The trio performs across many venues and finds success with their multi-faceted, contemporarily, and genre-bending sound. The music group has recently released another one of their unique singles, titled "Shoes".

The track ventures through compassion and humanity. Eventually Epic is a group that uses their music as a platform. In this song, they specifically use "Shoes" to send a message of unity and acceptance. The trio has always been fixated on promoting regeneration and harmony. With "Shoes", there is a progression of these ideas and other fundamentally positive messages. "Shoes" is a track that begins with a serene tempo, and eventually progresses to a folksy, electric rhythm. The one thing that interested us the most in "Shoes" is the eclectic and varied melodies that are present throughout the track. Such melodies are captured by electric guitar, a soft drum presence, light Tamborine, and/or integrated flute; the overall tunes are remarkable!. “Shoes" stays consistent with the use of acoustic sound with an overall rustic element included. Listeners can feel the humanity that Eventually Epic expresses. 

The "Shoes" music video was produced/directed by Andy Chun and the song was produced by Jeet S. Paul at Synergy Audio Productions.

Listen to Eventually Epic's latest single "Shoes" here.