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Ever Onward Lets Your Imagination Roam Freely In The Atmospheric Hit, “Daydream”

Batavia, New York native, Colin Berardini is a lifelong musician who recently embarked on a solo project with his new songwriting vehicle, Ever Onward.

Ever Onward gives you the most epic and lyric-less soundscape with the release of his single “Daydream”. And just like the title, you’re escaping your daily stress, and entering an atmospheric vibration of peace, serenity, and the imagination you desire. The entire song is absorbed into you, bringing a new profound amount of love to your surroundings. This song is perfect for universal lovers and those who are just simply seeking an escape. It’s the most magical, and sensational exploration of creativity. Ever onward constructs the canvas for his listener, but we mentally paint the pictures. It’s so refreshing listening to this unforgettable experience that emotionally and vividly colors your spirit. Ever Onward is brilliant!

Discover Ever Onward's latest "Daydream" here!


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