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Everlasting God Stopper Unleashes The Digital Abyss In “Techno Logic”

Hold on tight because Everlasting God Stopper, the musical storm brewing at the intersection of American metal and industrial music, is about to hurl "Techno Logic" into your speakers. From the gritty depths of Columbus, OH, and the fierce alleys of Detroit, MI, this band, comprising Charlie B. Koyote (vocals/guitar), Steve D. Monic (guitar), Johnny Mayhem (bass/vocals), and Patrick Baily (drums/piano), is set to unleash their forthcoming self-titled album on October 28, 2023, allowing "Techno Logic" to tease what's to come.

Koyote, the mastermind behind the sonic assault, describes "Techno Logic" as a dire anthem, a rallying cry against the creeping technological behemoth. It's a guttural scream into the void, a warning shot that echoes the encroaching dystopia fueled by the monopolization of power. A fierce, unrelenting fusion of inspired sound, the song laces the distinctive influences of Rammstein, Slayer, Coheed and Cambria, Devin Townsend, Megadeth, and Misfits.

As the pounding drums and searing guitars converge in "Techno Logic," Everlasting God Stopper paints a visceral soundscape that mirrors the cacophony of modern societal discord. Charlie B. Koyote's lyrics cut through the sonic chaos, channeling the spirit of rebellion and a vehement call for awakening. This track is more than a song; it's a turbulent journey into a dystopian world where man and machine clash in a ferocious battle for dominion.

With blazing guitar riffs slicing through the air and Koyote's potent vocals delivering the message, Everlasting God Stopper marries auditory aggression with a visually immersive performance that's nothing short of a full-throttle sensory assault. This is more than music; this is a war cry against the rising techno colossus.

Welcome to Buzz Music, Everlasting God Stopper! We love how "Techno Logic" addresses technology's obtrusive influence and power consolidation. Could you elaborate on how this societal concern drove the song's creation and role in your forthcoming album?

The most efficient way I can describe the drive of the song's creation is anxiety. No one is a stranger to that feeling; we all dread the future on some level. We believe it's more than just the fear of the unknown. At one point, we relished the idea of a more utopian future, but the further we go in the direction we have been, our vision of the future is more dystopian. Seeing the writing on the wall is the basis of the drive to create this song, and as the 2nd song on the record, its job is that of 2nd contact. Setting in stone the tone set by the initial song and reassuring you of your journey.

Can you discuss the collaborative process within the band when creating this track? How did each band member's contributions shape the final sound and impact of the song?

This particular track started with a riff and a scrap of poetry and grew there. The process for Techno Logic was similar to a giant Tetris game where 4 people are letting the pieces slide down the game board at once. Some pieces fit, and some fell by the wayside, but it came into focus quickly once we got a solid base. Each of us brought our own flavor to the track; with each of those flavors, the track is complete.

Charlie, as the lyricist, could you share more about the storytelling and symbolism in "Techno Logic?" What specific message do you hope listeners will take away from these lyrics?

EGS/Charlie: What I want to do with this song is paint a picture of unease with emerging technologies to start the conversation of responsibility and corruption. To question who is in charge and whether they are responsible enough to handle it. I hope people will take away the serious questions of where we are going, who's pushing us there, and why.

The upcoming album's release show is slated to be an intense experience! Can you provide some insight into what the audience can expect from this event and how it ties into the broader theme of the self-titled album?

We cannot reveal much, but this show will deliver new songs, wardrobe, set design, and show! With all this and the upcoming album, we are reinventing the wheel. This will be an event not to be missed!!

What are your aspirations for Everlasting God Stopper, and how does "Techno Logic" set the tone for your future music and artistic evolution?

"Techno Logic" sets the bar higher than ever before, keeping with our reinventing wheel theme. We still have much to say and want to say it so loud you can't ignore us. We like to think of ourselves as being able to see what is wrong with the world, and if enough of us see it, too possibly, we can change it. EGS is a movement, and we are only gaining steam. That means we will continue to refine our craft to make the best thought-provoking songs we can and deliver the most immersive and inspiring stage show in our power.


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