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Everyone Has, "Opinions," But Chevy Jade's Is The Loudest

Independent artist, Taylor 'Chevy Jade' High is a Hip-hop artist and producer reigning from Baton Rouge, LA.

Honing in on his skillset, the multi-faceted rapper not only writes and performs his own music but he records and produces it as well, in order to give it the sound his audience knows and loves.

His latest single, “Opinions,” touches on the weighty energy that radiates from the very essence of Chevy Jade. The instrumentation thrives in an unmatched manner as you’re submerged in the vivacious dynamism that drips from the speakers. Boisterous and upfront are the qualities set in the musical vitality, and we wouldn’t have it any other way with Chevy Jade’s, “Opinions.”

Using his lyrical dexterity to rapidly attack the beat with a hunger in his tonal distinction, Chevy Jade offers up a vibrant interpretation of hard-hitting lyricism doused in the colossal panache that screams confidence.

Through his illustrative lyrics, Chevy Jade makes his listeners aware that he is not the one to be toyed with. His self-assurance pumps as hard as the bassline through the speakers as we are immersed in a certified banger. Prepare to turn your volume up and roll the windows down in your car as you hit the freeway and get lost in the punchy buoyancy that, “Opinions,” has to offer up.

With the quick pace that Chevy Jade is developing his fan base, the listeners will be going wild with this latest track. Embodying all the trademarks of an anthem, “Opinions,” will be the flashiest song on the block.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Chevy Jade! Congratulations on the release of, “Opinions.” What was your main inspiration behind the creation of this song?

Thanks for having me and the inspiration behind my new track “Opinions” was being tired of haters and people that have opinions or assume. I wanted to get my point across about how I feel about opinions, which is I don’t care at all! People talk but don’t know.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like when creating, “Opinions?"

While creating “Opinions” I wanted it to stand out, I knew from the jump it was gonna be a single. Growing up in & around Baton Rouge they have so many artists which bring a lot of hatred. So I chose my words carefully to get my point across. The song starts off with a verse instead of a hook helped me do just that.

What musical and non-musical inspirations do you allow to influence the music that you create?

The inspiration for my music is really making music I like & would enjoy listening to. I’ve been writing & recording music since I was 13, now being 27 I have a lot of knowledge of how the business works so I try to make music that I feel would set me apart from the rest & show my talent the best way possible. Having a 6-year-old & a baby on the way is all the inspiration I need.

What can your audience expect from you in 2021?

In 2021 my audience should expect a breakout year and big moves. I don’t wanna spoil what is already in motion but I will be on a label very soon. With that being said it’s my time to shine, expect a lot of music and content. If you’re not a fan yet you will be soon! I already have a full album ready for release and an unreleased music video. Content, progression, & a real platform is what you should expect in 2021 from me.

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