Evil Tongues Captures The Pandemic's Chaos In A Cinematic Debut Single, "Fine"

Grabbing our attention from Toronto to the West Coast is a new and eclectic duo, Evil Tongues, with their heavily conceptual and chilling debut single, "Fine."

Comprising Jennifer Di and Mike Allain, Evil Tongues worked together as professionals in the Toronto music scene while bonding over their shared eclectic range of musical tastes. Now taking the stage with a gritty cinematic sound, soaring anthemic melodies, and incredibly personal lyrics, we're sure anyone can take something away from such a relatable and wildly talented pair.

Recently releasing their debut single, "Fine," Di opened up about writing the song amid the early days of the pandemic in 2020. For her, the song is "specifically about the music industry coming to a complete standstill," Di explains, adding that watching the career she's built and sacrificed everything for come to a halt was debilitating. In fact, she wrote the song's hook "on a beautiful sunny day, from the depths of depression on my living room floor."

The new "Fine" track kicks off with a mysterious and chilling electronic arrangement that quickly takes off into this darkly cinematic and energetic electro-pop soundscape. As Di's warm and clear vocals flow through our speakers, she begins expanding on those life-changing moments that swept the world like a tidal wave.

The song's hook totally emits this early Avril Lavigne energy and emotion, but with Allain's deep 80s-like electronic production and glistening synth use. We honestly can't get enough of Di's relatable lyrics; she perfectly puts all of those dynamic emotions into one cohesive storyline that's bound to chill you to the bone.

Is everything really "Fine"? Tune in and find out with help from Evil Tongues' cathartic debut single, now available on all streaming platforms.