Exclusive Interview: Alexis Lynn's Talks About the Magic Behind Her New Song "Circles"

Hey there Alexis Lynn! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Your latest single "Circles" really shows what you are capable of! Is there anything that inspires you to create the music you are creating? What about your sound? It has a very unique quality to it.

Hey! Thanks so much. I’m always inspired by things going on in my life or in the lives of the people around me, “Circles” is definitely from my own life experience. I find it easiest to write about things that I’ve experienced first hand because I can talk about it from such a personal place. As for my sound, I’m inspired by music that I love and artists that I love, like Ariana Grande, Amy Winehouse, Rihanna, and Mariah Carey to name a few. I love pop and R&B and I try to find a balance of both in my sound.

Speaking of your sound this latest release has a very modern feel to it. Could you talk to us about the songwriting and production process? What was it like for this song?

Thank you! I wrote “Circles" with Rachel West and Melanie Fontana while I was in L.A., and it was produced by Lindgren. I started talking to Melanie and Rachel about how I felt like my friend group was shrinking and that some of the people I had been hanging out with were “nice enough” but not real friends, and then Melanie mentioned the word “circles” and we went from there. Lindgren had been working on the track while we started writing and he came up with the super dope intro beat and it just felt right. “Circles” was a song I felt like I needed to write because I had been struggling with the concept of losing friends after high school and having a small friend group, but also realizing that I would way rather have quality friends over a large group of fake ones.

There is something about performing live and having the audience connect to the music on your deep level, what do you think causes this connection? Is this something you try to make happen or just let the magic work?

I think people like putting a face and a person behind the music they hear, and I think seeing that artist connected to their music when performing it live really gives the audience that extra connection to them. I always try to tell my story on stage and let people see that the words that I write are true and mean something to me, rather than just “singing” for them.

Within "Circles" there a lot of little intricate stylistic ear candy moments like certain words being effected like tape stops; was this something that was in mind during the songwriting or did it come during the production stage? Who had come up with those ideas? They work wonderfully!

Lindgren truly worked all the production magic on this one! He’s ridiculously fast and was implementing all those fun moments while we were writing and tracking the song. He always amazes me and he absolutely killed the vibe on this track.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

I have so much music coming that I couldn’t be more excited about. “Circles” is just the beginning for 2020 and it’s a taste of what my sound is evolving into. I have more shows planned as well and I definitely can’t wait for everyone to hear what I have in store!

Listen to "Circles" by Alexis Lynn, here.