Hypnotic New Single From Alexis Lynn Takes Over Our Minds With "Circles"

Alexis Lynn is a Canadian Urban Pop artist who specializes in creating dynamic storytelling music that instantly grabs your mind. From being recognized in the "Top 100" in both 2019 and 2020 by the CBC, Alexis is someone who relives her life through music she strives to create music that forges a bond with the listener. Her latest release "Circles" is a captivating high energy record that shows off what Alexis Lynn is all about and we are loving it.

"Circles" features an organic sounding drum rhythm, Alexis' captivating grabbing vocals, and an incredibly catchy chorus. A highlight in the record is its very modern flair, it has loads of small accents and ear candy that keeps every second listening exciting to listen to. The main focus however in "Circles" is Alexis' vocals, they are both aggressive and laid back at the same time in a very lovely way, her harmonies are extremely tight sounding showing off her vocal skills. The chorus of "Circles" is one of those that have you moving to every lyric being said, maybe it's the expertly crafted hooky melodies, or it could be the intense rhythm happening; whatever it is, it is something we are in love with.

Listen to "Circles" on Spotify here.