Exclusive Interview: Diving Deep With Erin B.

Hey Erin B, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re loving the soft and sultry sound on your latest hit “Being Bad Works”. What helped you write such a heartfelt song, could you share with our readers what your songwriting/creative process is like?

Well, most of my songs are written from personal experience or sometimes even from a third person’s perspective whereas I see someone go through a certain situation I create a scenario in my head, put myself in that person's shoes, and then write how I’d respond to it. 

“Being Bad Works” captures sincere and compelling lyricism, grasping real issues in relationships. Could Erin B expand on the meaning behind lyrics like “I never listened to myself, till I found out that being bad works”?

The lyrics “ I never listen to myself till I found that being bad works “ comes from me having self-conflicting views about my love-interest, most of us will tell ourselves this is what’s actually going on or this is the right thing but we refuse to wake up until we learn a lesson or get hurt. The lesson is this case is that if you are doing your best for someone and deep down you truly don’t feel they are reciprocating that energy, you have to listen to your heart. Some people are going to take you for granted in life and not see your worth and even go for the person that doesn’t treat them right ( being ‘bad’ ) but you have to look into yourself and ask yourself are you going to go with the flow of “being bad” to keep a woman’s interest or stay true to yourself and wait for the right one to come but get hurt along the journey?

We've heard that one of your major musical inspirations is Chris Brown, because of his artistic versatility. Not only does Erin B record and songwriter, but you’re a passionate dancer as well. What can you say about your own versatility, and how has it helped Erin B define himself as an artist?

I’d say my versatility not only defines me as an artist but who I am as a person. I believe I can accomplish anything I put my mind too and I also like to be good at everything I do. I do not like feeling limited and my ability to rap, sing, and even create dancehall tracks gives me the upper hand over some artists that are only able to do one. My versatility allows me to come up with content simply based on my vibe or mood at the time and pull off tracks other artists may need a feature to pull off. My versatility is definitely one of my strongest assets and is what makes Erin B, Erin B. 

Your hit “Being Bad Works” serves as the perfect leading track to your EP “In The Meantime”. Could Erin B share how the track ties in with the rest of the EP’s storyline?

In The Meantime is my first ever released project. It is an R&B project that as the name suggests something for my supporters to enjoy while I prepare my other projects. It is an introduction to how Erin B is towards his love interests and contains some of my experiences which I believe many people can relate too. Every song has a different mood where “ Being Bad Works “ track number 2 ties into the EP’s storyline as the ‘heartbreak’ track.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

We all know with the global pandemic of COVID -19 going on it has slowed down and halted production in many industries. It has affected the music industry as artists' only way of reaching our audience is through social media, money can only be made through streaming platforms and we can no longer network through social events and performances. Nevertheless, where there is a will there is a way and you can expect to see nothing but process and growth for the rest of the year. As my management team and I are determined to consistently deliver authentic high-quality music to my supporters and listeners. 2020 was started on a strong foot and the plan is to finish even stronger with Gods grace and with the help of those that support me in this musical journey. Thank You.

Discover "Being Bad Works" here.