Exclusive Interview: Jane N’ The Jungle Are Ready To Rock Los Angeles, Live At The Viper Room

We're happy to have you here with us Jane N' The Jungle! Super cool name by the way. What inspired the band name?

Thank you for having us!! Thank you, the name was given to me by people saying I reminded them of a "Jane" and the Jungle character.  Quiet and shy but then on stage having a boisterous presence.   

Let's talk about your music! What would you consider the major themes your songs focuses around? Where do you draw most of your songwriting inspiration from?

We like to focus our writing on truth and shining light on difficult subjects such as abuse, teen violence, depression, bullying, sexual harassment, heartache...etc.  Music is a healing way we can emote and express ourselves whether as the writer or listener being able to relate.  Our inspiration gets pulled from many different sources, some from within and others from our day to day lives in society and the situations that surround us. 

We hear that you're releasing an anticipating record titled "Concrete Jungle" on September 13th! What can we expect from this? What were some challenges you face in the creation of this record?

We are so excited for the release of our first full length record set to release on Sept 13th!  It's been about 1.5 years in the making spilling our hearts and souls into this project and can't wait to finally share it with you all!  We took our time making this record which allowed us to focus and work out the challenges that would arise.  For the most part the challenges were easy to overcome, the main one being financials, which Ford Motor Company was able to help sponsor the record.  We never had any issues on our content or vision, we were always very clear on what we wanted to create and how we wanted to do it.  We were very fortunate how everything fell into place. 

In what ways does "Concrete Jungle" serve as a reflection of "Jane N' The Jungle"?