Exclusive Interview: Learning More About the Music From Jaypeakk

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jaypeakk! We’re loving the vibe you created in “All the Time”! How did you come up with the concept behind the story in this tune? How would you describe the story you’re telling?

Honestly, the song was completely composed in like 3 hours. I had this instrumental a producer sent to me; Ideas were rushing in my head the first time I listened. I couldn’t immediately start writing and composing due to a full-time job I had, but I was vibing to the instrumental the whole time and noting down Ideas I had bit by bit; Until the Weekend came. And I finally had some free time. So the song was Completed that same weekend. The whole plot behind the story came about due to the Realization of the fact that although I was doing my possible best at the time to earn someone’s love; it wasn’t just enough and there’s a lot of room for me to do more than the effort I put in at the time.

This tune has a super modern feeling to it, how did you create those attention-grabbing synth sounds? What about your vocal sound? There’s a cool almost autotune like effect on it that’s quite musical. That though; Big ups to my producer and sound engineer who worked on the mixing and mastery of the track. The producer had already made a gem and I only needed to complement with great properly laid vocals as I did. So my production team actually deserves the most praise for that; Because it’s majorly due to the part they played and nice vocals from me too.

How would you describe your musical style? It’s got a really cool mix of R&B and hip-hop, do you have any idols that you look up to that helped inspire the sound of you? Do you have anything else that inspires you? The sound and style is Pop. As a young 4 years old kid in the early 2000s. I grew up heavily listening to the songs that were trending then at the time. I had quickly discovered It was soothing listening to those types of songs. It was during this period I first truly fell in love with music.   I listened to a lot of songs growing up but couldn’t yet know or tell who sang what at that age. Celine Dion was the first singer I could recognize for her songs when it was played. I later discovered a Michael Jackson collection CD which I loved right away when I played it. At the age of 9, I had a reconnection with Hip-hop, R&B, and rap from the early 2000s which I had grown up listening to. I could recognize particular songs made by respective artists. And I fell deeper in love with the songs and most especially artists who made them. Artists like 50 Cent, Eminem, Sisqo, Usher, Britney Spears, Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Nelly, etc really Inspired and heavily influenced my taste for good music at the initial stage.  I knew and appreciated more and more artists and their art as I grew. Right now Drake inspires me a lot. Big ups to the father of Afrobeat; Fela Kuti and present-day superstar of the Afrobeat Genre; Wizkid. Their life story is inspiring and a big motivation for me