Exclusive Interview With Rap Artist Dat Boy DOPE!

Hey Dat Boy DOPE! Thanks for coming on BuzzMusic to talk about your recent music. How does it feel to be recording and releasing consistently in the music scene?

It feels liberating, to be honest. Music is therapeutic for me so to create, record, and release it to the world gives me a sense of accomplishment every single time.

Let's talk about the personal and vulnerable aspects you bring to your music. Is it difficult to expose your most private emotions through your music, or is it a process that comes naturally?

Coming up with the music and actually recording it comes naturally for me because it stems from my own experiences. I honestly create music from that standpoint to always dictate my own narrative, I don't want to leave my story to be told by anyone else. Releasing it is pretty nerve-racking at times because I'm sharing intimate moments with the Universe and not everyone cares about what you're going through until its too late.

We listened to your recent release "Better Off As Friends", and we can really sense the growth in your artistic sounding with this track. Where did your vision start off with this track, and how do you personally feel you've growth artistically with this song?

It's really just a combination of moments that I've been through in various relationships throughout the years. So I pieced together different moments to create an interesting/easy to follow the story. In my mind, it's relatable to both sexes and I felt very moody in a particular relationship that I was in so that was the motivation to create the song. I've grown in the sense of being more of a risk-taker with the recording process since then. I play with my voice and different sounds more than I did during that time period.

We know that you've played at various venues in the past. Out of the ones you've performed at, what venue has been your favorite, audience wise?

It's between Santos Party House and Revolution Music Hall. Both venues had great crowds and definitely some of my most memorable performances.

After the release of Reroute, how do you feel you've changed artistically since? Contrastingly, do you feel that your sound has remained consistent, in an effort to maintain uniformity? I'm having more fun with the process since then. Reroute is so personal to me and pretty much the reason why I continue to make music now because during the recording process for that album I was going to give up and never release music again but it birthed new life and confidence in me. The sound is going to change as I evolve as a person but the integrity in putting together quality projects will never change. 

Thanks again Dat Boy DOPE! Hopefully, we'll hear more soundings from you in the near future! What're some next steps now that "Better Off As Friends" is released?

Thank you for sharing your platform with me. To answer your question just more visuals, more shows/tours, projects, and branding partnerships. I have a single coming out the beginning of January titled "Livin Better" produced by Black Mayo. I'm wrapping up my next EP or album, depending on how much music I want to release, but it's titled Load The Clip. My team and I are planning an independent tour through my company D.O.P.E University Entertainment Group and we're working on some branding partnerships which should be the dopest part about it all. I'll definitely keep in touch when things get announced!

Check out the lyrical soundings of Dat Boy DOPE here!