Exclusive Interview with Rising Talent, Gabe Silva

Photographer: Harper Photography

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Gabriel! We're impressed with the variety of work experience you have achieved at a relatively young age. What inspired you to become an actor and model as a child?

Thank you. I really appreciate it! My mom put me in acting classes when I was younger to help me build my self-esteem and confidence. At first, I really didn’t really like it. I am an introvert by nature so, it was different for me. Time passed, I actually started loving my classes and teachers. I booked my first film, and the rest is history. I cannot see myself doing anything else.

Modeling came after acting. The first brand to welcome me as their brand rep was FadeLife Clothing. Now, I not only model for FadeLife, I also am one of the first male faces for the LuvUrSkin skincare line.

Who do you look up to in the entertainment industry? Do you have any acting or modeling inspirations that keep you motivated?

I admire a lot of actors in the industry. Some of my favorites on my long list are Halle Berry, Ryan Reynolds, Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Emma Stone, and Samuel L. Jackson. I eventually want to be a director myself, so I have been following a lot of the work that Regina King is doing. I think she’s a definite role model. And of course, Ben Affleck and Spike Lee. They are awesome directors too.

In terms of modeling, I think Shemar Moore’s story is a motivation for me. We are both biracial, both started with the same agency, and he went on not only to continue modeling but to become one of the most recognized faces on TV.

Out of all the roles you've played, is there a particular project that was your favorite to be a part of? Why?

I have loved all of the projects that I have been a part of. I think that the one project that challenged me was playing the grandson in Godzilla: King of Monsters. I got the opportunity to learn how to do stunts and realized that that was something that I definitely want to continue doing in the future.

Do you have any upcoming projects or exciting guests for your podcast that you'd like to tell our readers about? What are you most excited about in 2021?

We are excited about season 3 of Just Talk With Gabe. We really have some awesome guests coming on to the show...but, I can’t give you any spoilers, just know that this is going to be an amazing season. Make sure to tune-in. New episodes drop every Wednesday! In terms of acting, I’m slowly getting back to auditioning…so, I am just waiting on that one “yes.”

The one thing that is the most exciting to me about this year is hopefully being able to reconnect with my friends in person soon.

What's your favorite piece of advice someone has given you towards your career?

If this is really what you want to do, then give it your all, leave nothing on the table. Learn all that you can about the industry as a whole. Be able to act, direct, run the camera, edit, pack up the equipment, and even stock the craft services table. And lastly, if you are lucky enough to “make-it,” give back to those who are on the same journey.