Expand Your Mind and Self With Jason Potter's Latest Album

Jason Potter is known for his music and talents as a prolific painter and writer; whose book, ‘Natural Blood’, draws from multi-faceted mysticism, and is currently in the works. Following Jason Potter’s debut album released earlier this year, his fan base can now take in the newly released body of work, “The Marriage of Celestial Things,” which follows in succession with the unforgettable experience it creates.

Taking our attention to the Neo-Soul quintessence of his artistic styling, Jason Potter provides a delicate, yet prevailing soundscape in which you get lost. The title track, “The Marriage of Celestial Things,” portrays a multi-dimensional realm that is pieced together by gleaming notes and the spatial use of tension-building effects in the instrumentation.

This record remains an instrumental delicacy that leaves you swimming in the widespread resonance, filled to the brim atmospheric intensity. We admire the panoramic essence that propels through our speakers and consumes every inch of our being with the conveyance of mind-altering expressions.

Shifting our perspective through a kaleidoscope lens of introspective thoughts, this composition is a piece that I better felt than heard. You transition through the peaks and valleys of the harmonious escapades unraveling before you, as each instrument heard amalgamates to form the grander scheme of the mystically charged environment we have entered.

Jason Potter takes us by the hand and leads us into his reflective findings in a graceful manner that has us eager to willingly explore “The Marriage of Celestial Things” on our own terms. Showcasing a remarkable balance of dark hues, to contrasting illuminated elements, each sound comes together for a purpose greater than ourselves.

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