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Experience Neomi's Raw Emotion in a New Single, "I Hope You Know"

The Montreal-based pop/rock artist and singer-songwriter Neomi opens her heart with help from a fiery and anthemic single entitled "I Hope You Know."

Constantly demonstrating her mastery of morphing all emotions into melodic and lyrical compositions, Neomi strives to let any listener relate and feel a sense of belonging when listening to her versatile music. With help from influences like Heart, Stevie Nicks, Miley Cyrus, and Avril Lavigne, Neomi was able to garner over 400k streams and 20k fans across all social media platforms.

Taking us down the road of betrayal and disappointment through her latest single, "I Hope You Know," Neomi opens her heart while belting her ferocious and powerful vocals to make for a dynamic listening experience. We're incredibly excited to introduce our readers to this anthemic tune, as it's a perfect representation of the skillset and talent that Neomi embodies.

Beginning our venture into "I Hope You Know," the track opens with a bright piano melody accompanied by a thumping bassline and short electric guitar pulses. As a hefty mid-tempo drum beat makes its way in alongside Neomi's low and powerful vocals, she begins to enlighten listeners on her experience with someone who turned a blind eye and let her down.

Reaching the flaming hook, Neomi showcases her dynamic and striking vocal abilities while belting words like "Not to put the blame on you, but I gotta get it out, you let me down." As Neomi leads us towards the hearty outro, she leaves us in awe of her brilliant vocal arrangements that are bound to strike an emotional chord in any listener.

Experience the powerful listening experience of Neomi's latest single, "I Hope You Know," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Neomi. We're truly captivated by your magnetic vocals and honest lyricism within "I Hope You Know." Could you describe the moment you felt compelled to create such an emotionally charged track like this?

First of all, thank you so much for the kind words, I really do appreciate it! I actually wrote this song when I was 17 after my first heartbreak ever. It was one of those moments where I sat down at my piano and I just spilled out everything I was feeling. It was just a very honest writing session for me. It just felt like I had to get those emotions out somehow and they came out in the form of the song.

How did you navigate what sort of sonic atmosphere you wanted to deliver within "I Hope You Know?" Did you have any musicians or producers help you out during this process?

How the final version of I Hope You Know came to be is actually an interesting story. I recorded the first version of the song about 5 years ago and originally it was a very minimalistic pop song. I brought it to my band when we were preparing for our first few live performances and they thought it was cool and wanted to do a live version of it with some added pop/rock elements. After performing that version, we immediately saw that people were responding to that newer version. People would come up to us after and be like "what was that song? that "you let me down the song?" Then we realized how much our audience resonated with that pop/rock version and realized we should revisit the song and record it the way that we perform it live. So I got my band and producer, Jessie Zito, together and we re-wrote and re-recorded the entire song over the last year. And that's the version that's out now!

Is it easy for you to write such genuine and personal lyrics, similar to your words within "I Hope You Know?" What was your personal songwriting process like?

I definitely wouldn't say it was easy to write the lyrics of I Hope You Know. When I wrote them five years ago, it was just me sitting down and being as honest and vulnerable as I could be; in my head, it was like I was having a direct conversation with this person that broke my heart and putting that conversation into a song format. Since it's been five years since this song was written and I'm now removed from the situation, it was a lot easier to put out now. But the songwriting process was definitely a little difficult, a little painful, kind of like a therapy session, but it felt good to get it out. I always strive to be super genuine and honest with my listeners; I feel like that's what bonds us and connects us. So as difficult as it may be to get words like that out, I think it's super important for me to do so.

How does "I Hope You Know" contrast your previously released singles, "Dangerous" and "On Your List?" Does each song bring something different to the table?

I think I Hope You Know is wildly different from Dangerous and On Your List. Dangerous and On Your List were so fun to write and I feel like the songs reflect that. They both came from a very lighthearted place; they came from that flirty stage in a relationship where you're just having a good time. It's very fun to perform them as well, and I think that comes off to the audience. With I Hope You Know, the lyrics are some of the most honest lyrics I've ever written. While the melody is still kind of upbeat and has that pop/rock feel that we can jam out to at shows, the lyrics are very vulnerable and very real for me. Even though I'm not still emotionally connected to what I originally wrote the song about, I can still relate it to other things in my life which is why putting that song out was very much a leap of courage for me. Putting I Hope You Know out was a different experience. It was cool because I was able to connect with people a lot more; people were sending me messages saying how they've been let down in similar ways in the past and how this song has helped them realize they're not alone in that emotion. I enjoy putting out and performing both types of songs, the heartbroken ones and the lighthearted flirty ones, and I'll definitely continue making both types of songs. Sonically, I Hope You Know has more of a pop/rock feel than Dangerous and On Your List, which are mostly pop. Pop/rock is the direction I want to go in, so it just feels a lot more authentically me sonically as well.


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