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Experience Pure Desire in ZachTapper's Recent Single, "Mistake"

The 20-year-old Canadian recording artist, rapper, and songwriter ZachTapper yearns for someone's love and affection with his latest single, "Mistake."

Using music to escape our reality, ZachTapper is most known for his relatable lyricism that strikes an emotional chord within the listener. Striving to allow the listener to feel comfortable with the fact that millions of others are encountering similar issues, ZachTapper and his devotion to music and relatable content truly let us feel a part of something greater.

Opening his heart and mind with the release of his latest single, "Mistake," ZachTapper can be heard riding the smooth and savory r&b/hip-hop beat while yearning for some alone time with someone special. Not to mention his soothing and romantic vocal delivery, ZachTapper makes it incredibly clear that he's no stranger to wearing his heart on his sleeve.

Elaborating on "Mistake," the song calmly opens with a plucky electric guitar sample that sets the song's moody and lustful tone. As the warm and downtempo drums make their way in, ZachTapper joins the party and begins to portray his heart's hunger for someone close. As he continues describing the many ways he's wowed by someone's presence, ZachTapper makes the experience all the more savory with his charismatic and passionate performance.

Not to mention the song's entire lustful and desirous note, we can't get enough of the soothing sonics merged with ZachTapper's smooth vocal delivery, as it brings us into a deeply passionate atmosphere with each sonic and lyrical element. As ZachTapper leads us to the song's end, he closes the track on an intoxicating and heart-throbbing note that leaves us wanting more desirous and passionate tunes like this.

Open your heart with help from ZachTapper's recent single, "Mistake," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic ZachTapper. We love the pure passion and desire you've placed into your single, "Mistake." Where did you find the inspiration to write such heartfelt words for this single?

For my latest single 'mistake' my inspiration came mostly from a friend zone type of relationship I had with someone close to me that ended up being a one-sided thing. We would do all of the couple and cute stuff every day but in the end, it was just for the benefits. I'm telling the beginning of the story in the entire song.

Did you encounter any difficulties when writing your passionate and reflective bars for "Mistake?" Or was it easy for you to open your heart and transmute your emotions to words?

To open up and write the bars I did for the song was hard and simple at the same time because writing songs has always been my escape from the reality of heartbreak and everyday problems. The hard part about the whole thing was releasing the song and having the girl of my dreams hear it and understand it's about her.

What sort of sonic atmosphere were you aiming to achieve with the production in "Mistake?" Did you work with any producers during this process?

I was aiming towards a real-life atmosphere in my song because I really felt that my listeners would be able to relate well and get lost into a very close listen of the lyrics. During my process, I worked by myself with the production of the single and that's what had made things even more special to me for my release.

Would you say you're rather familiar with being so vulnerable and emotionally open in your songs, similar to "Mistake?" Do you usually deliver such heartfelt and emotional bars?

I would say I'm pretty open and true in all of my songs, but in the end, the anxiety of releasing something true about yourself to the world will always be a struggle for me. I have a couple of other songs on all platforms that are very real to the heart and I believe everyone can relate to them in their own way.

What's next for you?

With my latest releases being out right now I'm focusing on new exciting things in the production and features side of things. I know the listeners will be very excited about the news that will be coming out soon.



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