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Experience Sonic Freedom In Locations' New Hit, "Moves"

Listening to Brooklyn-based rock band Locations is liberating. They're a fierce New York act ready to get you moving on the dancefloor with their latest hit, "Moves," and accompanying music video.

Here's something you don't see every day. It's normal for artists to separate themselves from their day job, but that's not the case with Locations. As location scouts from New York, the band shares themes like workers' solidarity, fighting against corruption, and the "radical" belief that healthcare is a human right.

In their recent single, "Moves," Locations serves some heavy and funky grooves but calls on their audience to take a closer look. Inspired by a major health crisis from a member of Locations, the brand reflects on the importance of healthcare and reminds listeners that they're "only truly free when our capacity to continue living is guaranteed," says the band.

Locations also released an accompanying music video for "Moves," inspired by CAKE's classic crowd participation clip for "Short Skirt/Long Jacket." As Locations travel around Brooklyn with headphones, they ask passersby to give their honest opinions about the new track.

If they were to ask us, we'd say this song feels like freedom. Everything from the catchy hook to the funky electric guitar and vocal nuances has us hooked. And clearly, it has the public hooked too. The visual is quite entertaining, watching as people from different walks of life give their authentic reactions to the new hit. Some smile, some sing along, and some even give their creative two cents.

Locations' newest single, "Moves," seems to be a hit. See that for yourself with the authentic human reactions in the band's new music video for "Moves," now available on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Locations. We love the double concept within your recent groovy single, "Moves." What experiences inspired your group to create such a liberating song?

Thanks for having us! We wrote Moves right after a medical event that put the band on hold for like six months. It was a really scary and challenging time, and it was obvious that we weren’t going to do anything with music for a little while. The very first day we were back at it, that hook just poured out, and we finished the song in just a few hours. We wanted to make it about celebrating life and individuality and, of course, make it shake some butts.

What made your group want to hit the streets for some authentic human reactions in your recent music video for "Moves?” Why did you take this unique route?

Far from unique! The video is a total homage to one of the best videos of all time by the band Cake, “Short Skirt/ Long Jacket”. We even matched the font and vintage aspect ratio. We thought “Moves” would be our most accessible song by far, so we took it to the people to test it out. The responses were overwhelming!

What was your favorite part about recording and creating the music video for "Moves?” What was the most entertaining part of the process?

It was amazing watching these people go from skeptically listening to a song (that, of course, they expected little from) and then seeing that spark in their eye when they connected with it. One of the best was a woman telling her friend, “it’s good!”. Some of them were even singing the lyrics by the song's end, and we looked at each other like, “oh, maybe we wrote a really good one!”

Although you asked them straight to their faces, what did you want your listeners to experience with "Moves"? How did you want the song to make them feel?

We wanted to write something upbeat, positive, and danceable, which is the opposite of our music. It’s meant to celebrate overcoming a bad time, whatever that time may have been, and to recognize that this moment is a good one. You can’t make that track a downer!

What's next for you?

We just started working with a new Producer we’re excited about! We’ve been working on our debut LP since before Royalties came out and have been playing the new stuff live a lot. We’ve got a few songs in the can and many more written that we’ll be recording in the next few weeks. New tunes in 2023 and lots of shows until then! We’re still using every song to promote issues we care about and organizations doing the work. We’re partnering up with some amazing people for the new stuff. Stay tuned!



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