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Experience the 'Odyssea,' That Is julesdrools' Latest EP

Canadian multidisciplinary artist and producer julesdrools invites us on a thrilling 'Odyssea' with the release of his recent 6-track EP.

When experiencing complex and intricate sounds like IDM (intelligent dance music), it becomes a more elaborate and imaginative experience that allows the listener to place their internal visuals within the sounds of its music, which is precisely what julesdrools has to offer. His authentic sound dissects the realms of his psyche while emphasizing themes of fictitious places and otherworldly beings.

Recently releasing his 6-track EP, 'Odyssea,' the listening experience commences with its celestial introduction, "metal flowers." As the song opens with ethereal pads that float in from the distance and glimmer through our speakers, a soothing sample begins to expand on the infinite worlds, opportunities, and their abundance. As julesdrools showers our speakers in beaming and melodic synth arrangments, we can almost picture a blossoming garden coming to life but with slight crunches and kinks due to his overall fuzzy electronic textures.

Onto the second and title track, "odyssea," a glimmering synth pierces our speakers' high end while samples of splashing water quickly grab our attention. As a punchy midtempo drum arrangement begins to pump through, a haunting and demonic vocal sends a chill down our spines while a ghostly male vocal follows up with words like "I love you, always forever." We can't help but feel that this track might highlight a relationship's long and tumultuous "odyssea," that's equally as dangerous as it is refreshing.

Reaching the EP's halfway point with "nowhere_texture_foliage," this song undoubtedly highlights the more haunting and eerie side to julesdrools' sound, as the track floats through our speakers with a distant vocal echo while spiraling synths and a massive electronic roar leave us feeling chilled and thrilled. Seeing that this track is the project's halfway point, the minimal melodies, quick drum breaks, and focus on sonic space might represent a shift in the project's overall theme as we switch from one dimension into the next. As an expanding brass-like synth shimmers through our speakers like a ray of light, we transport into track number four.

Moving into the demonic sci-fi escapade, "sweet xvi," this track quickly gets our blood pumping right off the bat with its eerie alien-like synth arrangments while a ghostly and low-toned male vocal continues to repeat, "the body is mine, the blood is mine." As a thumping and toe-tapping drum arrangement continues to punch through our speakers, julesdrools grooves his way into the outro while leaving us drifting through the celestials. We also admire how there's an underlying sexual and sultry tone to the song, especially within the sultry vocals that ooze passion and desire.

Dropping us into a new plane is the next track, "venlafaxine," which opens with a spiraling and chaotic sonic introduction while a wailing synth melody cries through our speakers alongside a mid-tempo house beat. As an alarming effect begins to blare, an eerie and drippy drum beat grooves through the song's middle while leaving us feeling alert and aware. If there's a particular image that comes to mind when listening to this track, it's the sensation of awakening yourself from a dizzying nightmare to the sound of your morning alarm.

Landing on the EP's final adventure with the outro track, "calyptra thalictri," the listening experience kicks off with a crunchy and quick hi-hat that rattles the song with incredible energy. As the smooth and gentle keys begin to float into the song, a distant pad starts to expand with the anticipation that comes with it. As sultry and haunting vocal samples deepen the song's passion and emotion, a ghostly choir drifts in from the background while providing an insidiously stimulating sensation. As the track comes to a crunchy close, we're left in a state of wonder and reverence after experiencing something as intricate as julesdrools' EP.

Awaken your subconscious with help from julesdrools and his adventurous 6-track EP, 'Odyssea,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, julesdrools, and congratulations on the release of your refreshing, electronic EP 'odyssea.' Could you please go into detail about the shared concept that’s laced into the collection of songs heard on this project?

Thank you! I actually taught myself music production during quarantine so 'odyssea' was the result of that. It was a dark time, what with the state of the world, etc, and I definitely went deep into my personal feelings and memories; nostalgic love, addiction, and obsession. It’s a sort of closure and love letter to an ex-lover and to my younger self. I wanted the song 'odyssea' to feel like an oceanic prayer or a sea ghost or something.

With each track sounding vastly different from one another, did the creative process remain the same for all songs heard on this EP?

I had no idea what I was doing and was all over the place. I was experimenting with genre and some of its more pop. Sonically they all have similar sounds and textures that tie them together. I actually used the same two notes on like every song

What main themes are you hoping that your listeners can reflect on when listening to 'odyssea' from start to finish?

Perhaps, feelings of nostalgia, longing, love, obsession, desire, addiction.

Have you learned anything about yourself from the process of creating this EP? What does this mean for your music moving forward?

I learned how to make music. I also got sober during the production of it. I really enjoy creating soundscapes and would love to compose a video game. I have two singles coming out this month, I’m also working on an experimental mediation album, some darker dance stuff too. I’m stoked for this new journey in sound for sure.

When did you begin creating tracks for the EP 'Odyssea?' Did it take you a while to formulate such a dense and complex listening experience?

I started working on it last summer after Covid first hit. I had a lot of time to myself which was nice but also got a bit dark and introspective.

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