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Experience the Sweet and Sultry Sounds of Final Child With New Release, "Dead Romance"

From Sweden to the U.S.A., the artist, songwriter, and producer Final Child drops a hypnotic single titled, "Dead Romance." After moving to America in 2008, Final Child's solo career would soon take off, as she carefully blends sounds of the past, present, and future to give the listener something they've never heard before. With her latest single "Dead Romance," Final Child explores the soaring sonics of electro-pop music while sending the listener into the abyss with a variety of captivating synths and pads. Her vocals are as intriguing as a deep set of eyes, pulling you into a profound hypnotic state.

"Dead Romance" opens with dark electro-pop synths and a thumping bassline that instills the track with this incredible groove wave. The dark and sultry synths offer this Tyler, the Creator inspired sound, taking us back a few years in hip-hop culture. We can already hear this textured blend of genres that Final Child has been influenced by, as she continues to mesmerize the listener with her deeply haunting and intriguing melodies. The underlying production is truly that track's strong point, as it shakes up the modern-day pop scene with heavy vibes and tremendous heat. The dark-pop inspired beat on "Dead Romance" genuinely defies pop music's boundaries, while Final Child keeps the flame lit with her natural pull and haunting vocal delivery.

The overall sound of your single "Dead Romance" is incredibly deep and intriguing. How did you come across this dark and heavy sound, and what made you want to create such a haunting atmosphere?

It honestly started with a dream. I have really vivid dreams and sometimes they stay with me for the rest of the day. I like that mysterious feeling of “did that happen or was it just a dream” Writing the song became my way of not letting go of that emotion. So I’m happy you used those words because that’s just what I was trying to capture!

What inspired the lyrical storyline within your single "Dead Romance"? What was your songwriting process like, and how did you write lyrics to suit the song's atmosphere?

I wanted to present another side of me. The darker side, where I probably haven’t been the best version of myself. I was stuck in a cycle of destructive behavior a few years ago and looking back at that time, its a bit of a haunting, yet enjoyable feeling. A time where I didn't think about the consequences, what tomorrow held and when I thought I'd stay this young forever. Ha, life catches up on you, but the past is always a good place to store lyrics.  Seeing as you've moved from Sweden to America, how has this experience helped your music evolve? Did you see any differences within Sweden's music scene and America’s?

Yea I’d say so. Sweden is a very small country so there isn’t as much space to experiment musically, at least in public. I loved coming to LA and America where I could start a rock band without any experience and have people, strangers, come out to support and dance along in the audience. There’s just another energy here and the fact that I got to experiment so much definitely made me into the artist I am today. 

What made you want to venture off into your solo career after performing with a variety of bands?

I knew that I had a lot more in me. Both to share and self-work. Something told me that I needed to step away to find MY sound and what music I actually wanted to do. I was missing that part of myself. Its been a blessing going solo and diving deeper within myself and my emotions.  What is one goal that you're hoping to achieve by the end of 2020?

First of all, to survive ha! We’re in such a crazy place with the pandemic, election, global warming, etc. But besides survival, grow my audience, release more music, and connect with more fans! I’m really looking forward to releasing music that I’m proud of. “Monster” my upcoming EP/album has even darker elements to it… From here, the sound gets more aggressive, with lots more guitars, etc.


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