Experience YESLA's Vicious Venture "If Your Dare"

Los Angeles-based recording artist, singer-songwriter, and musician YESLA brings the heat with her spicy new release entitled "If You Dare."

Taking pride in her ability to channel straight through her listeners' emotions, YESLA and her long-running venture with songwriting never fail to stop listeners dead in their tracks. With hard-hitting inspirations like Jack White, The Black Keys, and Queens of the Stone Age, YESLA has managed to carve a unique and powerful path that's solely her own.

Fueling our fire with her latest single, "If You Dare," new listeners can properly introduce themselves to the raw and groundbreaking sound that YESLA has to offer. While haunting our speakers with her dynamic vocal performance, YESLA and her powerhouse instrumentals blister our ears with nothing excitement and temptation.

Diving into "If You Dare," the track opens with a sole mid-tempo drum arrangement that later takes off with a crashing rhythm guitar and the punchiest of bass licks. As soon as YESLA makes her way in, her breezy and sultry vocals demand our attention while inviting us into the song's fiery and animalistic atmosphere. As YESLA continues her sensual and powerful vocal performance, she blows our speakers over while landing on the blazing hook.

We love the simplicity of this song, as YESLA and her accompanying instrumentals bring us back to the prime eras of grunge with each crisp drum break, plucky bassline, crunchy guitar riff, and YESLA's irresistibly haunting vocal stylings. While YESLA brings us towards the song's end, she showcases her brilliant and feverish vocal stylings that belt and scream with the utmost power and vitality.

Melt your speakers with the blistering sounds of YESLA and her latest single, "If You Dare," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

A warm welcome to BuzzMusic YESLA. We were totally taken aback when listening to your heated and striking single, "If You Dare." What inspired you to create such a robust and fiery track like this?

Much like this record, At the time I was feeling like bursting with energy from the frustration of being misunderstood. I wanted to take that momentum of passionate emotions and create a song that radiated.

Was there a particular message that you wanted to convey with your spicy lyricism in "If You Dare?"

The message that I wanted the song to convey is F*ck people's opinions! Most of us go on through life seeking validation through others and let their opinions of us mold who we are going to be. It's a mental prison that I think we should all break out of. Happiness comes from within so once you rid yourself of the burden of others' opinions, you can begin to become the best version of yourself.

Did you have any help crafting the instrumental arrangements for "If You Dare?" Why did you choose to go with this grunge-like, animalistic, and heavy instrumental tone/atmosphere?

From the beginning, I had the idea that I wanted this song to be gritty & present. My friend & guitar player Emily Rosenfield helped me find that signature Buzz Bass sound. She is actually playing both guitar and bass throughout this record! Once we got those perfect guitar moments down, it was time to hit the studio where we played around with numerous preamps & filters until we found the heavy tones we were looking for. I really wanted to make the soundscape of this record as impactful as possible because I was looking to evoke a strong feeling just through the instrumentals alone. The grunge-like atmosphere allowed us free-range with the vocals which I believe really ties everything together.

Would you say that your artistry is well-represented through dominant and powerful songs like "If You Dare"? Do you usually take this sultry and stimulating route with your music?

Yes, I would definitely say that my artistry is well-represented through the creation of dominant & powerful records. Now, 'power' doesn't have to necessarily mean loud and in your face; Sometimes power can shine through softer moments & songs as long as there is purpose. Creating this song was especially meaningful because I really feel I found my artistic 'sound.' This is a great representation of what is to come next sonically for me.

What's next for you?

A lot is next for me! I plan on releasing another song around the 31st of October as an ode to my Halloween birthday. I also plan on making a glorious return to live music in the new year so be on the lookout for show dates. I'm very excited about what is to come!