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Explore A Mystical Atmosphere From Shy Bloom In “Into the Skies”

Jackson, Mississippi, is home to Shy Bloom's experimental sound, which touches on various genres, including EDM, electronica, and indie.

What began his inspiration in 2014 was their introduction to Daft Punk and the electronic realm of music. Taking their production to the professional realm in late 2018, Shy Bloom has fallen deeply in love with taking organic textures and mixing them in with electronic elements.

"Into the Skies (feat. killfiji)" is the latest record to come to us by Shy Bloom. The ethereal production unravels triumphantly as the elements he exposes meet a psychedelic realm.

As otherworldly synths and ambient pads fuel the speakers with a whimsical soundscape easy to get lost in, there's a mystical reach in place as Shy Bloom's production transports you to a world far away, yet so close. It's as if you've been given an exclusive invitation to the hallucinogenic universe of "Into the Skies" as you follow the glimmering beams of sound placed in front of you.

The velvety textures of killfiji's cascades are drenched in entrancing reverberations as Shy Bloom recruits her for a profound vocal performance. ShyBloom has us draped in a striking display of intimate layers that burst with complexity yet emanate an elegant finish that feels familiar. For a song that takes you to a place that seems out of reach, ShyBloom reels it all in as this record provides the listener with an experience versus a song.

Thrilled by the dynamism brought forth as we sink our teeth upon "Into the Skies (feat. killfiji)," Shy Bloom shows us the promise of going to places further than our world permits.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Shy Bloom! We loved taking in the experience you created within this new track. Could you please share your inspiration behind the "Into the Skies" concept? The inspiration behind this track came from many ideas I had at that time. Wanting to make a more story-driven song/project. Many of my older projects had more of a theme than a full story. So, ‘Into The Skies’ set the narrative/story for itself and the new project I have coming out soon.

This record has a brilliant dynamic as killfiji's vocals share the stage with your production. What was it like collaborating with killfiji to bring an ethereal atmosphere to our speakers? Collaborating with Killfiji was terrific! It felt like a collaboration rather than the vocalist just sending their acapella and the producer doing their thing and calling it a day, haha… it was more of if she had an idea, she’d share it with me, and if I had any ideas I’d share them with her. So it was great creative chemistry making this track. With musical influences like ODESZA, Petit Biscuit, and Flume, how have they been able to help you shape your sound? All three of them have shaped my sound in different ways, but what they all have in common is they helped me learn to break different boundaries in the genre I make. Often times when I make a song, I can’t even describe it in a way, haha… but they all have different thoughts for me to go in different directions with my sound while still keeping that genuine feeling to it.

What message do you hope your audience can take away from "Into the Skies?"

Honestly, I hope they can relate to this track more than anything. The meaning behind ‘Into The Skies’ is about being in a place where you’re lost and confused, unsure of where to go. I feel like anyone can hear those lyrics and see themselves in them.

What's next for you?

A lot, haha… but I got so much planned out for this year. Many of these ideas I haven’t done before. So it’ll be fun seeing everyone's reaction to them.


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