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Explore Harmonies with Multitalented Artist Jarry Lee

Based in New York, Jarry Lee is a multitalented musician, actor, and model who has been focusing on blossoming her musical career.

Known to dabble in any form of art, she has an upcoming film, jewelry brand, and acrylic painting project all within the next few years.

Although her deep love for the arts remains unwavering, Jarry Lee has always held a spot in her heart for music. The dedicated artist has completed eight years of classical training in piano and violin, which is evident through her music. 

Jarry Lee has been known to release bone-chilling covers of famous songs that accentuate the authenticity of bare instruments and her angelic vocals.

One of Jarry Lee’s most admirable qualities is her natural ear for layered harmonies. She loves to dabble with 3-part and 4-part harmonies, where she showcases her ability to sing each part. Jarry Lee is now focusing on creating an entire album of original songs.

Set to be released later in 2020, fans are already yearning to hear the harmonious soundscapes that Jarry Lee is expected to reveal within this album.

Discover more about Jarry Lee here.

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