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Explore the Call of Darkness with Sunset Junkies Single, "Pentagram"

Bringing us the darkness that roams the interior and exterior of our everyday lives, the progressive metal band Sunset Junkies leave us in a trance with their hard-hitting anthem, "Pentagram."

Currently gearing up to release their sophomore studio album, 'Darkness Visible,' in August 2021, Sunset Junkies are wildly excited to drop the album while wrangling in fans of Tool, Opeth, and Devin Townsend. Through the rich choral arrangements of vocalists Ellie Jane and Byron Short, Sunset Junkies are sure to be a household name sooner than later.

Prepping us for their forthcoming album with help from the heated and sweltering single, "Pentagram," Sunset Junkies offer a more progressive and melodic approach to metal through their dense harmonies, blistering instrumentals, and irresistible riffs. We're incredibly eager to introduce this track to listeners, as it's not one to forget.

Listening to "Pentagram," the track opens like a severe storm with a blistering rhythm guitar riff, heavy drum breaks, and a powerful vocal roar. As Ellie Jane and Byron Short begin vocalizing an intense and dark story, we're entirely swooned by their dense vocal arrangements that pierce our speakers like a jagged-edged knife.

Moving towards the hook, Sunset Junkies offer a powerful and chilling vocal performance as they drench us in their anthemic stylings that touch on the call of darkness. As they continue mustering all the energy and grit to blast us towards the outro, Sunset Junkies leave us with a bounty of soul, courage, and power with help from their dynamic instrumentals, exciting lyricism, and stimulating sonic approach.

Prepare your ears for Sunset Junkies' forthcoming album, 'Darkness Visible,' with help from their latest powerhouse single, "Pentagram," available on all digital streaming platforms.

We're truly feeling the heat and fire of your latest single, "Pentagram." What inspired the creation of this robust and powerhouse single? So many things. I wanted this album to be darker and heavier than the last record (Cosmos, 2019) and ‘Pentagram’ was one of the first tracks written in that vein. It’s a declaration of artistic intent and a deep philosophical exploration of what it means to be free, to cast aside society’s constrictive expectations, and embrace your true essence, dark as it may be. Who handled the conceptual and dark lyric writing for your single, "Pentagram"? Do you often share the songwriting process between your members, or is it more of a solo venture? That’d be me. The process for the writing in Sunset Junkies has been pretty consistent over the first two records. I write the songs and present well fleshed out demos to the band, who learn the parts and add their own flavor to the performance. Then Ellie and I go nuts on the vocal recording. Speaking of the members within your group, could you introduce us to everyone in your band and how you tackled the overall creative process for "Pentagram?" What sort of feel and vibe were you aiming for? Byron Short - Vocals/Guitar/Keys Ellie Jane - Vocals Stefan Fuller - Bass Daniel Trickett - Drums

As writer and producer, I was definitely going for a darker and heavier vibe than our previous release. I also wrote the songs with Ellie in mind, making sure that the vocal interplay between us was a focal point of the recordings. Dan and Stef laid down the perfect rhythmic foundation for Ellie and me to do our thing. Although I’m the sole writer, getting the recordings to match the music in my mind is very much a team effort. Stef is an invaluable studio hand too. Should listeners anticipate a similar sound and style as "Pentagram" within your forthcoming album, 'Darkness Visible?' Or will you be exploring a different path with this project? I wanted ‘Pentagram’ to be the first taste of Darkness Visible as it’s perfectly indicative of our development since Cosmos and it lets fans know what they’re signing up for if they choose to follow us further down the rabbit hole. What's next for Sunset Junkies? We’ve got a busy release schedule over the next few months. We want as many people to hear this new album as providence and hard work will allow. We’d love to play more shows now that things are opening up. We wanna do Europe and the US. I’ve also started writing the next album so this is just the beginning

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