Explore Your “Healing” Journey, With KAIS’ Therapeutic Sound

Canadian singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer KAIS (Kais Khoury) takes the complexities of the human condition as inspiration for his fusionist sound that

sonically melds indie, psych, soul-infused blues, rock, and folk.

As a lover of the metaphysical, KAIS' work consists of finding the balance between natural inclinations and the demands in an ego-driven late-stage capitalist world.

"Healing" takes us into the artistry of KAIS in a swift fashion. Various elements construct a beautiful masterpiece as such. First, the warmth that ricochets through the acoustic guitar strums and into our speakers is a healing vibration of its own. Now, pairing this musical foundation with the indie-folk styling of KAIS' rich timbres, we have a therapy session that happens in mere moments.

KAIS has stated, 'Healing is a deep resonance of something that I've been feeling for a while with struggles that have leached at my lifeblood. Life can be messy, exhausting, and real - we are all facing the intensity of our struggles in different ways.'

Taking the reflective component of his thoughts and lacing it with the beauty of his heart, this narrative explores traumas through the nostalgia present in the lyricism. Incorporating a brilliant sense for timing cues, "Healing" lets you sit with the contents of this record and allows you to tap into the wistful sounds first-hand.

Aiming for a sense of togetherness through the peaks and valleys of life, LAIS intends for each melodic note to resonate with listeners as they are an extension of his spiritual mission to awaken, console and guide.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, KAIS. We're captivated by your latest single, "Healing." Exploring this route of your artistry, what has been the biggest takeaway for you since creating and releasing this piece?

I would say a takeaway was realizing I can be a poet that could sing you to sleep and a poet that could also ready you for war. Healing is an awakening track for me and marks a transitional period in my energy and writing.

What was the exact moment that sparked up your inspiration to dive deeper into the themes expressed?

I’m not a big fan of explaining too much. That leaves nothing for the listener to self interpret. But my point of view was realizing, or dare I say, confirming that love burns. Really burns. Sometimes we fall in love with people and with things that poison our purity and make our hearts bleed. That often feels analogous to being alive under a collapsed building and pleading for help. That was the thought process that brought about the song outro, with the closing lyrics: bleeding, breathing, searching for healing.

How was the experience of working with Andreas Matheou and Brock McFarlane?

I love working with both. Andreas is under-appreciated, in my opinion, and at times misinterpreted. And Brock understands my sound pretty well by now, so the back and forths in case of last-minute mix changes are never a hassle for him. Music demands patience, and working with people that have patience is what makes this intense industry worthwhile.

What do you hope that your audience can take away from this piece? What has helped you deal with the traumas conveyed in "Healing?"

Again, it’s open to interpretation. But the song, generally, is about calling for conscious awakening. I’d like the audience to visualize the intersection of dreams, depression, happiness, ambition, passion, politics, and love within the canvas of the tune. As for dealing with the trauma, writing the song itself helped me deal with that to a large extent. Sometimes the best thing you can do with trauma is channel it into writing or meaningful works of art. In our often painful sojourn on earth, time helps as well, as well as the grace of God.

What's next for you?

Well, I’ve just been picked up by a major London, LA-based PR company that I’ll be working in tandem with on a roadmap for future releases. They came across the song somehow and thought I’d make a good addition to their roster. So that’s nice. I won’t reveal more though as babbling on about your plans only jinxes them (as they say), so I’ll put the rest of that response on the back burner for now.