Explore Your Mind With the Vivid Expressions ANTE Has to Offer in "So Long"

If you're looking for a low-key and laidback listening experience, ANTE is hands-down your go-to artist. As a producer of many thoroughly blended sounds, ANTE likes to diversify his music and overall sound with meshing together a network of interrelated genres. He produces the kind of tracks you can expect to keep your senses alert, and your curiosity highly intact. We listen to the melodies of ANTE and we immediately feel driven into a conscious state of leisure. That's the major capability of ANTE, and he really executes well with creating curative music for all listening bodies. The work of ANTE truly can appeal to a wide range of listeners, because the essence of his productions is very variegated. 

ANTE has released his track "So Long", which contains that diversified and colorful imaginative experience. The song itself takes you on an expressive journey filled with very methodical instrumentals. "So Long" is the one song that really showcases what it is we're talking about when we describe the likes of ANTE. The production is the one that would fit alongside any vocal integration and gives almost a sense of calmness along with its soundings. Thankfully for listeners, "So Long" is only the start of what ANTE has to release to the world. ANTE plans for "So Long" to stem further into a project, even a possible album release down the line. ANTE makes us excited and intrigued for what's to come next within his expansive vision, so we'll be keeping our ears peeled for any future releases from the vivid producer, ANTE. 

Check out "So Long" here

Welcome, ANTE! We're incredibly excited to talk with you about your recent production "So Long" because it offers such a wavy listening experience. We really enjoyed the rhythms of this song. As a producer, how do you execute your exclusive sound?

I really appreciate it. As a producer, I really enjoy the opportunity to be able to approach creating in different ways. I appreciate not having to feel like I'm confined to a certain "agenda" that I have to take to create music. I don't always start to create necessarily based off how I feel either, sometimes I might get inspired by something that's around me- whether it be a sound that I hear, a sample I stumbled on, another track, etc. and start to feel it from there. I often just sit down at a piano or keyboard and start to play until something I like pours out. Long story short, it could start out with a drum loop I created, a chord progression, a melody, a bass line or anything. But more importantly, I make sure that in the midst, I'm finding some kind of way to make it interesting. I'm probably a near perfectionist, believe it or not, I try my best to listen to what I'm doing from a listener's perspective instead of my own. But music is music and all in all I just enjoy being able to create a different story every time I do my thing and being able to learn and vibe from those around me too.

Did you find that your vision for "So Long" shifted throughout the actual production of the track, or are you the kind of producer that starts off with a particular vision, and keeps it constant all the way through?

With So Long, it just kind of happened. I had no idea where it was gonna go, but when it happened I had one vision for it and that led to an entirely different vision as I played around with it more. So to answer your question, I did kind of have a vision shift in the midst which actually led to something cool. I surprise myself sometimes honestly. I'm actually a really vision-driven person, but I also realize that mistakes happen and everything doesn't always happen the way you see it happening, which can unintentionally lead to something great in the process and give you a different perspective on what's in front of you.

As an artist who was born and raised in Memphis, TN, do you feel that the music environment here stimulated the way you produce your sound today?

Definitely. It's the environment of musicians here around me. I've been blessed to be surrounded by a plethora of very talented musicians and creatives in this city that has shaped me into who I am today. Honestly, in the past, I haven't always seen myself doing what I'm doing now, but being around these individuals has allowed me to learn and soak up so much and drives me to get even better. As far as the specific sound, I grew heavily into jazz, which there are a lot of killing players in the M. I love other things too especially hip-hop, which is another very big part of our culture. I also appreciate and support the constant transformation of music throughout the years and how musicians have taken it and ran with it doing so many different things now. Being in the environment has allowed me to be exposed to so many different influences and has allowed me to open my mind up to new things.

We heard the news about your hope to manifest an album, stemming from "So Long"! Can you give us any hints on when the release of such an album will occur?

Yes. The idea behind this project, which wasn't even the initial plan, is for an album to gradually and organically build in soundcloud. As you can see So Long is the only track right now that carries that Miscellaneous Vibes label. Each additional song will do the same as time goes by and will all have that same cover art. You'll hear some instrumental stuff, some vocal, some interludes, and more. So the album could officially be released on major platforms this summer, or it could very well be at the end of the year if not later depending on the momentum, you never know. I love keeping the people curious and anticipating though. In the meantime, all of the songs created for the album will be posted to soundcloud, so they'll actually have a chance to witness it grow and build before they can enjoy the luxury of having it in their playlists on Spotify, Apple Music or whatever. And then that gives me an opportunity to see what people are enjoying more and to learn a little bit more about my audience.

Thanks for chatting with us, ANTE! We truly love your style as a producer--it's such a style that bridges off from what is typical in the music community. Are you planning on maintaining this creative outflow, or do you plan on switching up the way the other records will execute on your future album?

Thank y'all for having me. I'm truly grateful and really appreciate the love! I do plan on continuing the route I'm going musically as well as expanding trying some different things and embracing my versatility going forward also.