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Eye-Yo Fulfils His Mission One Song At a Time, Including In His Most Recent Release of, "The Best"

Eye-Yo has a mission that he is set out to accomplish. This Christian rapper has gone through his own trials and tribulations, and in return wants to share his beliefs with the world in order to spread positivity.

Touching on his own religious beliefs, Eye-Yo emits the elusive single, “The Best.” Paying tribute to the power of the higher up, Eye-Yo slips into an indefinable state of grace and ease in order to live out the faith he has embedded in his very being.

The tantalizing instrumentation sets the mid-tempo comforts of each production component to a new-fangled level of perception. Capturing the full potential and raw quintessence of Eye-Yo, the messaging stays true to his character as he radiates a fresh outlook on his conviction.

Drawing his audience towards the swift cadences found in “The Best,” Eye-Yo dances upon his praise in a manner that seems effortless for one who so strongly believes in the message that he is putting forth. Taking you into a universe that is custom to his unique styling, Eye-Yo manages to delve into the raw sentiment that sways you in the optimistic insight he exudes. In a performance that stays light on its toes, the breezy efforts put in have us grooving to the ambiance created.

Eye-Yo has proved himself again as the charismatic believer that will always find his way back to his roots. With tracks like, “The Best,” he thrives on conveying a meaningful message in a quicker than a normal time frame.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Eye-Yo, and congratulations on your most recent release of, “The Best.” Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process looked like when piecing together this song?

My creative process with this song is simply just listening to the beat and then come up with ideas with the lyrics after hearing the beat. I wanted this song to be a testimony and a celebration of the obstacles that I had to overcome.

How were you able to develop the sound that you currently have? Did you always know this style of Hip-hop was the route that you would take?

For me being from California. I really admire the West Coast sound but in a positive direction. I have always known this was the route that I would love to take because I wanted to encourage and inspire others and let people know how incredible God really is.

What are you hoping that your listeners take away from, “The Best,” and other songs that you have released?

I am hoping that the listeners get out of the song with hope and hearing how God has helped transform my life for the better.

How have you found yourself growing as an artist from your first release to now?

I feel that as an artist I am growing each and every day knowing and understanding the type of style and being confident and aware of what I am doing as an artist.

What can we expect next from you?

You can expect more music in the future.



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