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F4CADE Will Stun You With Their Transformative Take On Indie Stylings In "Sand"!

Wow. We listen to the soundings of F4CADE and immediately get put into an eccentric atmosphere. Their sound is pure, it is genuine and ultimately alluring. We are captivated by the energy F4CADE can manifest, and blend into her music with a certain subtleness. Straight out of the UK, F4CADE is the type of band that is curating music that will change your perspective on indie music as a whole. We have to say that F4CADE is transforming their category, which all of our BuzzMusic listeners know is incredibly pivotal and metamorphic to such a music scene. F4CADE is heavily influenced by old-school stylings, and yet creates a sound that is completely "au courant" as the French would say. We love their ability to assimilate a diversified indie song, and we're incredibly pumped to announce their release of "Sand"!

"Sand" is mysterious right from the get-go. It immediately introduces and unravels itself into a calming and angelic atmosphere. F4CADE takes her vocal delivery to a next level with "Sand", and we're ultimately impressed by their ability to maintain the entire haunting ambiance throughout the track. Eclecticism is undoubtedly a source of inspiration for "Sand", and we're presented with that unique indie sound we love to emulsify ourselves in! It can be definitively said that F4CADE is making art when it comes to the curation of her music. "Sand" is no exception, and we feel the artistic elements on F4CADE's part that was required for such a production. "Sand" is already added to our playlists, and we highly recommend it be added to any indie lovers playlist too!

You can discover "Sand" here, as well as F4CADE's interview with us below!

Hey F4CADE! Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can each of you introduce yourselves to our listeners, and include your personal goal within music?

Angel: Hi I’m Angel, I’m the lead singer, I play the synth in the band and I’m also a songwriter. Haha I don’t know about a personal goal within music - that’s very broad - to play piano like Mozart without practicing every day?? That would be good but I think I’d need a genie to help me out a bit with that one...

Henri: I’m Henri and I’m the lead guitarist as well as writing a couple of songs here and there. My goal would definitely be to play guitar with my feet - no - yes - like a true virtuoso.

Dermot: Hi, my name is Dermot and I play fretless bass - my personal goal is to be heard...

"Sand" was transformative in the most important way possible. We truly believe that F4CADE is contorting the indie music scene, and curating music that converts the entire category into something new and innovative! What was the ultimate goal for F4CADE as a band, and the sound you each wanted to fully embody through the bands projects?

Dermot: Thanks! Our ultimate goal as a band is to exude creativity in everything we do. Our sound is an extension of that - we’ve brought together countless influences to create something that doesn’t sound quite like anything else. The most important thing to us is that we don’t try and fit a particular formula, we just focus on creating something that’s unique and true to our artistic vision.

How has the evolution of F4CADE progressed, starting from when the band was first releasing music, to now?

Henri: Well we started as kind of hippie 60’s acoustic duo back in June last year - We did that for around half a year but then we started recording music which sounded completely different to our live stuff so we decided to add Dermot and Jamie and take our live music in a more electronic direction. Our first EP used drum machines because we recorded it before we had a drummer but we changed that up for Sand - we’re really happy with how our sound has evolved and we can’t wait to make more new music!

What's the biggest creative challenge F4CADE faces as a band? 

Henri: My hair going flat halfway through gigs. Angel: Dermot putting on his own lipstick.

We'll always remain captivated by the sound of F4CADE. It was a treat to be featuring such transforming music here on BuzzMusic! What's the plan now for F4CADE, after the release of "Sand"? 

Angel: Aw thank you so much! Well, we’ve just finished recording two tracks at The Old Hit Factory studio (where Rick Astley’s old stomping ground haha) and we are about to start filming the music video for our next release in an old hotel by the seaside...


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