Fall Into a Wave of Recollections With S.T.F.U Crew

Living by the motto Strive to Focus Under Pressure, S.T.F.U CREW is a versatile music group consisting of two twin brothers known as sintelstax and Drippyjay. Forming in 2018, they both sing and rap about their life and the things they went through while growing up in their hometown of Philadelphia while sintelstax plays the guitar while Drippyjay makes the beats, engineers, mixes, and masters.

Together the dynamic duo makes all sorts of music with their twist, as they alter from alternative Rock and Indie Pop to R&B and Hip-hop as they add some unique chemistry to their songs.

“Catch Me I’m Trippin’,” is the latest bop to come from sintelstax and Drippyjay as they dip us into their lyrical finesse, and ability to propel major energy in their creations. Taking us into a rhythmic surplus of nostalgia through the Indie Pop vibes that are dispersed throughout the song's instrumentation, we can’t help but immerse ourselves in the uniquely paired verses that are performed with importance as we are steered through their narrative.

We get a danceable groove that sits so presently on our minds, all while being washed into the powerful conveyance of melodically rapped lyrics. Paired with a music video that hones in on the tracks' reminiscent qualities, the visuals contain a textured film that overlaps the screens images in a glistening hue of what memories are made up of.

Transitioning through a variation of quickly performed words that rest on your mind, and the sparse offering of the chorus, there’s a weighty connotation that illuminates from “Catch Me I’m Trippin’.” Allowing us to navigate their wit and creativity on an elevated scale, sintelstax and Drippyjay do a wonderful job at transmitting the vigor they naturally launch into our speakers.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, S.T.F.U Crew. We love how the entire essence of “Catch Me I’m Trippn’,” has us immersed in your genre-bending ways! What encouraged you to pick the particular styling of this record?

S.T.F.U Crew: Thank you so much, we appreciate it alot! It all starts with all the genres we grew up listening to that inspired this track like reggae, rock, rap/ hip hop, alternative rock, indie pop, pop, and many more. We love being creative and versatile and that's what we were going for, we also wanted to tell a story and have a message in the song as well.

Could you please share what this song means to the two of you as creators? What are you hoping that your audience takes away from it?

sintelstax: At the time in the making of the song I was going through alot feeling lost in life. I felt I had to make the song about living life how you want and chasing your dreams or passion no matter what anyone thinks. spreading the message to live up to your own expectations and no one else's and make the best decisions while you live your life the way you want. once I recorded the hook I felt the energy and freestyled my verse, I said: "I've been trynna figure out this feeling all along I figured out my life" in the song cause I realized that I love music so much and I want music to be my life no matter what and where or how lost I am in life.

Drippyjay: This song to me is about living life the way you want, regardless of anyone's opinion with the way you live your life. when I wrote the verse for the song I was already in a place in my life where I felt so different from everyone else and didn't know how to feel about it. It felt like a back against wall moment! I was done taking everyone's B.S. I decided I'm gonna stop caring about people's opinions and not let them affect what I do in life!!!

S.T.F.U Crew: we hope the fans get the message that you shouldn't be scared to chase your dreams or be passionate about something. You deserve to do what you love to do and what makes you happy because at the end of the day it's your life and you only live it once!

What is the concept laced into the music video seen? Did the nostalgic hues of your visuals turn out the way that you had envisioned?

S.T.F.U Crew: The concept of the video is to live your life the way you want, just don't let temptation rule you. Make the right decisions! Be awrae of your surroundings and pay attention to what is going on around you. Everything isn't always what it seems, And you can be deceived so be careful who you put yourself around. The visual fx wasn't as expected, we wanted it to be a little more trippy, but we were really amazed how clean the video was shot and put together. We feel as though the storyline and the song make this visual complete and are a definite way to get the message across!

How does “Catch Me I’m Trippin’” compare to your previously released songs heard on ‘Too Happy to Smile, Too Sad to Cry?'

S.T.F.U Crew: Although They do go hand in hand in similar genres, "Catch Me I'm Tripping" doesn't compare to any of the songs heard on "Too Happy To Smile Too Sad To Cry", they are all unique in their own way, If anything all the songs can relate to each other because of the constant theme about life.

What's next for you?

S.T.F.U Crew: S.T.F.U CREW has alot of content coming up, actually, we just dropped a new visual for sintelstax's single "stax up". we are working on 4-5 new music videos at the moment as well as an upcoming show in Philadelphia, photoshoots, a California studio trip to record our first studio mixtape and more CREW merch! we have alot in-store and we will continue to share our frequencies and vibes across the world, State by state, country by country.

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