Fancy J London Takes Listeners on a Long Journey with 25-track Album: "Reflect"

Fancy J London's album begins with "Write Me a Love Letter", and the general ambiance that the track projects feel very underground, combined with an almost glam-type feel. Fancy J London takes the opportunity to play around with her vocals with this track, showcasing her higher frequencies with a smooth kind of grace. "Ooh Baby" follows next and embodies a similar sense of pop-glam that "Write Me a Love Letter" had, except this time, Fancy J London draws in more of a dream-like effect. With its production, "Ooh Baby" can feel otherworldly, taking you on an immersive listening journey. 

"It's That Kinda Day" features more of an electronic presence compared to other tracks apart of "Reflect". The track feels more laidback, and this time around, Fancy J London uses autotune to her advantage, allowing her vocals to be exploited in an appropriate way for the energy the track held. Fancy J London switches the vibe up once listeners arrive at "This Could Be Fun". The song houses a bubblier persona, immersing listeners into an illustrious environment. The same kind of fun aspect is prominently felt within "Life Is a Disco", where Fancy J London continues on with the spirited energy. We feel more of a jubilant emotion expelling from Fancy J London in "Life Is a Disco", and her spunk feels absolutely endless within this particular track.

Progressing on, we find ourselves at "Chains", a more drawn-out, slow-paced track offered by Fancy J London. With "Chains", Fancy J London takes it down a few levels, bringing out more of a sultry character. The rhythm of the track matches this alluring aspect Fancy J London evidently has, making the track all that much more compelling. Coming up to the album's seventh track, "Reflect", we find ourselves spellbound by Fancy J London's use of her higher-pitched vocal sounds. It suffices to say that Fancy J London is able to reach pitches that create that eccentric, yet glamorous listening experience. "Tread Lightly" has that same effect, and once you get to "If You Call, I'll Come Running", you'll realize there are definitely some components carried over to it as well. Fancy J London does a good job at keeping it consistent with her sound, but also changing slight elements up in order to highlight various aspects of her artistry. 

"Lily Pad" brings in a strong Deep House energy, and Fancy J London easily pierces through the track's melody with her melodramatic vocal delivery. The message extracted from this track is heartwarming, offering moments of deep reflection about personal life and love. "Lily Pad" is definitely one of the album's tracks that gives listeners a better understanding of Fancy J London's vulnerabilities. "In the End of It" contrasts in the way that the track feels more alternative, sourcing out properties that feel more like a twist on the alt/indie scene.

The album's twelfth track, "Lies", brings listeners back to the sedative pull the album tends to focus itself in. "Crazy For You" has the same soothing effect, but is a bit more forward than "Lies". Once arriving at "Miss You", the atmosphere of the album turns more elusive. Fancy J London brings in R&B stylings with "Miss You", bringing in a refreshing sense of sound. She quickly turns the album around again with "Dance Lover", a track that follows similar suit to earlier tracks within "Reflect". We get more high-intensity energy with "Dance Lover", and Fancy J London expels confidence within this particular track. The albums sixteenth track, "Oxygen", hones in on the lessons Fancy J London has learned and she focuses her perspective on how a relationship has blossomed to become something genuine and pure. "I Aint' Gonna Leave You" takes on almost a similar mood, but feels more distinct from "Oxygen". 

Coming up to the albums eighteenth song, "Out of My Soul", we find ourselves hypnotized by the vocal take Fancy J London decides to hone in on. The track's energy is incredibly mellow, offering for an appropriate time of reflection. Almost immediately we're brought out of our trace once we get introduced to "Tidal Wave", which feels much more upfront. Fancy J London goes into the realities of love, no matter how difficult some of the introspections are. Fancy J London shares important messages within "Tidal Wave", providing the takeaway of self-care, and prioritizing one's self. A more light-hearted character is taken on in "Sugar", the following track of "Tidal Wave", which only stays consistent within "I Don't Want Perfection". However, with "I Don't Want Perfection", Fancy J London severely slows down the rhythm of the track, giving listeners time to feel more of a deep sensation with the alluring pull the track has. 

Almost nearing the end of "Reflect", we come across "Bang Bang". Fancy J London does a complete 180 degrees with the genre style predominantly focused on within this track. "Bang Bang" brings in more Hip-Hop influences, but potently shines a light on electronic production. This is provided by DJ Ross tha Boss, and she only extends herself within the album's next track, "Let Me Out". Both tracks bring a flavorful intensity, and Fancy J London successfully integrates her style into it. "You're the Reason (Prelude)" and "You're The Reason I Don't Trust Nobody" offer an insightful look into Fancy J London's mind. Listeners are brought back to the main ambiance of the album, and the main ambiance which Fancy J London's cements itself in.

All in all, "Reflect" was an album that gave listeners the opportunity to extract some meaningful lessons, as well as vibe out to various styles that Fancy J London effortlessly adapts to. 

Hey Fancy, let's get right into discussing the theme presented in "Reflect".

Being a 25-track album, "Reflect" offers various insights and atmospheres for listeners. Are you able to dive into your takeaway of the album, and what you hoped your listeners would understand from you after listening to its entirety?

My primary goal in creating "Reflect" was to show my versatility as an artist. My fans refer to me as "The Voice of All Generations" I try to hit all genres and eras of music. I honestly find it hard to listen to an album with similar-sounding tracks. After track 4 I become bored and start to look for another artist. My fear is just that, that fans will become bored. I enjoy the element of surprise and that is what I try to provide for my listeners.

Was there a specific track within "Reflect" that personally stuck out to you and felt more significant than other tracks within the album?

My personal favorite song from "Reflect" is "Oxygen" it's deeply personal and hard to listen to and perform without tearing up. Let's just say I had to learn how to love because I didn't love myself enough to know I could be loved... Oh, but when I did I found it breathtaking.

"Reflect" saw a short collaboration with DJ Ross tha Boss! How did you feel about this collaboration, and was it easy to integrate your own vocal sound within her high-energy mixes?

Okay, first I must salute the amazing DJ Ross tha Boss for always making magic with my utterly insane requests. She has done pretty darn spectacular remixes for me. Everything we do is golden and I am honored to work with her for the past 5+ years.

Are there any plans to do a live-streaming event in order to perform some tracks off of "Reflect"?

I honestly hate saying what is coming or not coming because I tend to love the element of surprise as I mentioned earlier. I can say I am currently contemplating a live IG performance in the near future.

What're your future plans for your music now that "Reflect" is out and available on streaming platforms?

I have a few plans in the works and am setting up for a possible tour come 2021. I am also currently working on my upcoming self titled R&B album coming this September.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

My inspiration comes from real-life experiences and also from my overactive imagination, lol. I have to say my brain never stops I am like a hard drive going through life absorbing the sights, gathering cookies, and turning all my collected data into MUSIC! 

I am definitely bringing my fans some new music with another album and a few more singles before the year ends.