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Father Christmas Has Us Tracing, "Infinite Time"

From Hamilton, Ontario, Father Christmas is an undefinable duo drawing from Experimental Jazz, Psych-Pop, Stanley Kubrick films, and more.

Like a 70's drug-induced ride through space, Father Christmas has crafted their sound with lush guitars, effected vocals, and a solid groove to lock in to. Dripping with attitude and reverb, they dip their toes into shoegaze, dream-pop, and sampled drums and voices to create their unique sound.

In a mind-altering realm of pacifying tones, the latest single “Infinite Time,” encapsulates infectious grooves of retro fusion that teeter on the brink of ethereal arrangements. The dreamscape weighs in on a level that is cordially offered to listeners as the prompt of getting fully lost in the music sits on the surface level of spellbinding tenors.

Swaying us into this piece with an unalloyed blend of thought-provoking escapades, the elusively flowing streams of musicality remain simultaneously delicate and prevailing. Although you feel like you’re transcending through the eras, you get hints of futuristic hues that are layered into the reverberated spirit carried throughout “Infinite Time.”

Gusts of wind, distorted synths, percussion hits and a resonated bass line that speaks for itself are all contributing factors in Father Christmas using experimental elements that should clash, yet somehow, they make it mesh together seamlessly.

Solidifying a place for themselves in a carved out lane they’re diligently working on achieving, “Infinite Time,” sits on the cusp of exhilarating and laidback due to the nature of anticipation that seeps into this track. Taking over one song at a time, this eclectic Canadian duo keeps us on our toes as they exude a sector of creativity that most are afraid to explore.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Father Christmas, and congratulations on the release of “Infinite Time.” We love the paths sonically explored in this track! Could you please take us into the meaning behind this song?

"Infinite Time" is a song about new beginnings, a song to reflect on past experiences and carry forth a resurgence of those feelings into the future. Even with all the time in the world, it's hard to fully express how you feel about someone and to open yourself up fully to that vulnerability. "Time is infinite, so tell me how you feel, with millions and millions of interlocking wheels" The chorus is based loosely on a quote by Neil deGrasse Tyson about the expansiveness of the universe. Additional vocals are performed by the talented Vanessa Nostbakken.

Did you draw from a specific series of influences when creating “Infinite Time?" Could you elaborate on what these influences were?

We were constantly inspired by the environment and space we recorded the song in. At the time of recording the album, we rented a converted garage into a recording/rehearsal space. This allowed us to control every sound, and element on the track and gave us the freedom to try new things without the constraints of being in a studio.

What does a typical creative process look like for you two when you dive deep into a song?

The songwriting process is ever-changing but for Infinite Time we started with the guitar lick and built the song around that line. We rehearsed the song for a few weeks and scrapped the initial idea of the song. We flipped the structure around and re-worked the song to the final version. Kirk came up with this cool alternate bassline to compliment the guitar riff perfectly. It's more melodic than your standard bassline and we felt it really worked with the overall song.

What does “Infinite Time,” say about Father Christmas as a duo and you as individuals?

"Infinite Time" isn't your typical Father Christmas song. The offbeat drums, the dark breakdown, and female accompanied vocals (Vanessa Nostbakken) make for a new take on our typical sound.

What can we expect to see next from you?

"Infinite Time" is the second single off the upcoming Equalizer EP due out later this year via WelPel Records. This album is a cohesive exploration of space, time, and the complexities of relationships. There is a sense of tension and release from track to track, with a featured sample of Matthew Seymour (a friend of the band) reading from a 1980's NASA spacecraft manual. We feel that simplicity is the point of arrival and we've implemented that message with this 5-song EP. The title track 'Equalizer' will be coming later this year with a follow-up music video.

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