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Fearless Soul Dia Morgan Releases Captivating New Single "Red Flags"

Singer/songwriter Dia Morgan has always been somewhat of a rebel, but her love for music has never wavered. She went from getting into trouble at her high school for playing music in the halls to moving to Los Angeles and working alongside songwriting coach Judy Stakee, but through all of her tough times, her determination was always there to see her through.

Dia Morgan recently released her single “Red Flags,” a spirited pop song about recognizing your worth. The enthusiastic synth beats and breezy melody bring the song to life, and Dia’s vocals add a spellbinding ingredient into the mix. In “Red Flags,” Dia is reminiscing about an unhealthy relationship and all the red flags she sees now that were not so obvious at the moment. In the second verse, she sings, “All the rules were yours to bend,” delving into the feelings of being taken advantage of. The chorus is catchy and fun, one you’ll remember and find yourself humming the rest of the day. Dia makes use of expressive vocal effects and harmonies to complement the bright and spunky song. Underneath the production, “Red Flags” at the core is a message to know what you deserve. Dia Morgan encourages all of her audience to embrace who they are and celebrate their unique beauty.





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