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Feel Empowered With Luna Scar’s “Diamonds On My Coffin”

Yarelis Santos-Cruz, professionally known as Luna Scar, is a Puerto Rican singer/songwriter and self-taught producer based in Miami, Florida. Self-described as a creator of “dark glitch pop,” Scar’s lyricism reflects real life situations and healing. Her synesthesia, the ability to hear music in color, helps create vivid and glittery vibes in her arrangements that is unique to her sound. After working on it for three years in her bedroom, Scar released her first LP, “SOHBER,” at 16. She has since released two EP’s, three singles, and is currently working on a few more projects to release by the end of 2019. Stay tuned! 

Luna Scar's latest single “Diamonds on My Coffin” is a catchy pop tunes layered with dark drum & bass elements that demand attention.  I’m completely entranced by this track! “Diamonds on My Coffin” is an eloquently experimental dark-pop treasure. Layered with Luna’s ethereal vocals and eclectic lyrics this song really showcases her individualism and style. Luna Scar’s confidence, perseverance and authenticity come blasting through the speakers. She flirts with the darker side of the mainstream pop music scene. The eerie sound arrangements and echoing orchestral samples add to the riveting sound. Her vocals carry like ghostly whispers; they’re spectacular. The ominous tone carries the song as Luna occupies the same elegiac register. Her tone is unnerving, and her words are spellbound. Throughout the song I’m hypnotized by her skilled lyricism and I can’t wait to hear what else is to come from Luna Scar!

Check out her new single “Diamonds on My Coffin” here. Read more with Luna Scar below in our exclusive interview.

Hi Luna Scar! Can you start by telling us more about yourself and your upbringing?

Hello! Well, I am an 18 year old self taught DIY singer, songwriter, and producer based in Miami, Florida. Both of my parents are Puerto Rican but I've lived in Miami all my life with little money and a lot of hustle.

What inspired you to start writing songs and creating this music?

I've felt really alone for most of my life so my inspiration comes from my own hardships. My first song, "Recycled Stars" which actually ended up being on my first album "SOHBER," was written when I was 12; it showed me how relieving it is to finally let go, even if it is just on paper. Once I saved up enough money, I bought a computer and some recording equipment to make my small bedroom studio where I create all of my projects. Writing provides a sense of therapy and producing is so pleasantly time-consuming that it's the perfect distraction from the ruckus in my life. I am a firm believer of exposing the gore to heal the sore.

What is the meaning behind your single, “Diamonds on My Coffin”?

This song is about knowing your worth and never settling for less. I was going through a break-up at the time and instead of dwelling on what I lost, I wanted to focus on what I still had: my music, my confidence, my ambition. The goal was to remind myself of the kind, hard-working, and worthy person I was and still am.

How is “Diamonds on My Coffin” different from what you've released?

"Diamonds on My Coffin" definitely sticks out like a sore thumb compared to my other songs. For one, it's not lyrically melancholic; since I usually write when I'm feeling somber, it was a refreshing change of pace. It was one of the first songs I wrote to empower myself that I actually liked. Secondly, I experimented around with the beat and it turned out super bubblegum pop and "dance-y!" I wanted it to feel like a Barbie doll song in comparison to my catalog of Monster High doll songs. I love my dark-glitch sound but sometimes I just want make a feel-good banger!

What’s next for you? We can’t wait to hear more!

I am currently working on two EPs and an album! They all have varying themes but my main inspirations are femininity, sex, power, and depression. As for shows, I have one or two up my sleeve in the South Florida area in the coming months. Very excited to share everything soon!


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