Feel Expressive and Stimulated With Maxim Adams in Single "Self Made"

LA native Maxim Adams is the type of artist that'll change your perspective on Neo-Soul. The artistic strategy applied to Maxim's tracks is incredibly light and airy. We find that Maxim Adams is able to consistently release tracks that make a statement and offer such a different experience from a listeners point of view. Maxim's most recent music has been embedding more of a warm sensation that we personally soak up entirely. The most recent single, "Self Made", offers a colorful and glowing impression that aroused our senses almost instantly. 

Right from the beginning of "Self Made", you'll appreciate the dynamics embedded into the production and overall beat. We all know Maxim's voice is like silk, and once it's blended into the collection of synths, the product is transcending. Maxim Adams provides that visual escape with "Self Made". We found ourselves lost in the ethereal persona of Maxim Adams. Once we listen further into the track, we're introduced by the vocal offerings of Cici, and a hip/hop introduction from artist Dwade. All three of them offer pivotal parts to the track, which you can clearly hear as your coarse throughout "Self Made". Our favorite aspect of the song had to be those vivid and striking synths, especially at the beginning, but also in the entirety of "Self Made". That's largely our favorite part of Maxim Adams as well as the ability of Maxim's voice to perfectly complement those present synths. We're definitely intrigued to see what he'll be up to next artistically, so we're truly keeping our eyes out for any future releases! 

Listen to "Self Made" here


Hey there Maxim Adams! Thanks for coming to BuzzMusic to talk with us about your recent releases! How has it felt since your release of "Self Made"?! Did the track express itself in the way you intended it to?

The feeling is so hard to describe sometimes. I'm feeling very good and excited about the release of "Self Made" off of my album DETAIL. The track came out exactly how I imagined it would. The first lyrics of the song for me say it all. "Self-made, Confident!" I just love what that means and I hope people feel the same way as I do when I listen to the song. 

The eccentric energy packed into "Self Made" caught our attention right away. We appreciated the integration of sounds from a listener's standpoint. How did you receive inspiration to blend the multitude of soundings with the track?

I am originally a guitar play and play in a rock band called Deep Fryd Dynamite, who is about to release an LP in the near future. My true love and passion aside from that style of music is R&B/Soul music. Honestly when I was introduced to Kaytranada is when everything turned around for me. With the smooth sliding synth sounds and tight groovy drum rhythms, I fell in love with that fresh, high energy sound. I'd like to think that my music is somewhat of a fusion being inspired by my strong listening history and love of 80s music and modern Neo Soul. 

How do you think "Self Made" compares to music you've released in your early artist days?

I think it's next level! I don't think it even comes close to any other music I've made in this vibe before. This whole album is the start of this new sound I fell in love with. Having CiCi and Dwade featuring on the track and all throughout the album really allows for this type of sound I hear in my head to be represented in the proper way. Both of their vocals give such a strong, magical vibe to the music. Tonally creating air and gravity in the melodies and hooks.

As a Neo-Soul artist, what are some challenges you believe you face when curating your expressive sounding? I think that there are so many vibes that stem from this style it's really important to find a sound or patch you like and run with it, while also trying to create an original sound at the same time. 

It was great to hear more about the background side of "Self Made". Thanks again for going in-depth on your artistry! Are you planning any shows/upcoming releases in the near future?!

Lots of new projects in the works featuring the same artists and many more! A couple of small eps coming up with some couplets as well. Followed by my next full-length solo album which is coming to the end of its production already!  Thanks so much for the time and opportunity for me to share my inspiration and passion with you.