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Feel the Wrath of Ambrose Lucian In New Single "CUTTHROAT"

Ambrose Lucian is a musician from a small town deep in the heart of Texas. Being from a tiny city, Ambrose Lucian always had the feeling of wanting to escape and prove that talent can come from anywhere.

His style provides listeners with deeply emotional lyrics that captivate them and commands their full attention in the realm of hip-hop/R&B. The music has a vibe, the beats are atmospheric and dark, and the cadence is catchy, allowing the listener to become immersed in the experience each time a song is played.

Giving his audience what they want by providing them with the highly anticipated release, "CUTTHROAT," we're greeted by infectious synth layers that release an ominous atmosphere of ambiguity.

Ambrose Lucian has a unique vocal tone that immediately captures your ears by trickling into the speakers with an undeniable magnetism. Nuzzling his witty verses into the depths of your soul, you intensely feel the music as Ambrose Lucian conveys an impactful amount of emotion that has you fully absorbing the themes of heartbreak projected.

Taking the emotional trauma he experienced and spinning into a web of intimate offerings for his listeners to explore, the 'Lucian Experience' has the rhythmic punches cutting into you deeply. Lyrical motifs that emit vivid imagery followed by an array of hypnotic hues that keep you entranced in the musical sentiments expressed. However, what we love the most about "CUTTHROAT" has to be the relatability factor that runs through the sonic veins of this record.

Ambrose Lucian is a master at taking his pain and elevating the frequencies he exhibits. Perfecting the poetic outlet in a realm that suits him magnificently, we're thrilled to be along for the rollercoaster ride of the century with Ambrose Lucian.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Ambrose Lucian! Congratulations on the release of your profound new single, "CUTTHROAT." Heartbreak is an emotion that everyone goes through, and the way you word each lyric leaves a significant impact on the listener. Did you find that you could revisit this emotion to get the feeling out, or did you capture it during the initial impact of this particular heartbreak?

Firstly I want to start by saying thank you and expressing my appreciation for having the opportunity you all are giving me. About this specific song, I want to start by saying how much the song hits home for me because I was writing about a heartbreak that I was going through at the time. I'm sure you'll be able to feel the pain as you read and actually take in the lyrics. I honestly wrote the song the next day after a rough patch in my relationship. Like most couples, we definitely faced hardships, and this was one that I took personally. Through time I felt like the only way I could express myself was music, and that's why this piece is such a personal favorite of mine. I know heartbreak is a universal feeling people can relate to, and I don't want anyone to feel alone as I did, and to know that we all can relate to that feeling of being so alone and not knowing what to do.

How does it feel being so vulnerable in the music that you create? Have you always been this open with your audience?

Great question. I will admit it is hard at first to have such a huge vulnerability be out there for everyone to see and read because it comes with self-doubt. I wasn't sure if people would like the quality of vulnerability in my music, but it came naturally to me because I always make music based on how I feel. Music, to me, is expressing what I can't always put into words, and that's why it's such a passion of mine. For myself, I find it always hard to open up, but I remember thinking to myself that if there's even the slightest chance I can get anyone to relate to what I'm feeling, then they'll never feel alone. I wanted to really connect on an intimate and personal level of trust with my supporters. To be completely honest, I haven't always been this open with my music to my audience, and I mainly kept songs like this to myself. I am just happy that when people listen to me, they feel my pain and can relate and realize they're not alone. I realize that so many people can connect and come together through emotional pieces like cutthroat and this specific trait led to the decision that I will definitely be making more personal and emotional music.

Do you ever let someone know that a song happens to be about them? What moment or story inspired "CUTTHROAT"?

There have been a few times that I have let someone know that the song is about them, but for the most part, I like to make the song and see if they pick up on it themselves. That's how I know they are really listening and paying attention. When it comes to my song "CUTTHROAT," I write and focus the song around my current relationship. To be quite honest, I've made many mistakes and broken promise after promise, and I took a step back to see firsthand how much of a mess I'd made. After dealing with all the issues I've caused, I realized that at one point, nothing I said could be trusted, and in the aftermath, she finally decided enough was enough. I woke up alone, and that feeling sank me lower than I've ever felt. I don't ever blame her for doing what she chose to do, as it makes sense. I remember just sitting there thinking to myself how much I had messed everything up, and the next morning I wrote "CUTTHROAT."

What piece of advice do you have for your audience getting over heartache?

The biggest advice I would give to my audience about getting over heartache is to let yourself feel it! There is strength in learning to let yourself go through the motions and grow as a person from them. I think we all try to deny emotions when they first happen. We try to suck it up and be strong and act like it didn't affect us as much as it did, but just be honest with yourself and allow yourself to be sad. That's the first step to recovery.

What's next for you?

Thinking about what I plan on doing next is so exciting. First, I definitely plan to release another song before the year is over. Ending the year with a new song creates and sets the flow for the start of the next year. I want to constantly grow and gain supporters who can relate to my music. I also am excited for the future event, which is a live performance in December, on the 17th. That is going to be amazing, and I can't wait to see all my local supporters come out to support me. Rolling into next year, a summarized goal list would consist of creating and releasing new music, merchandise, and new music videos.

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