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Feel Your Heart Flutter With ANDRADA's New Single, "Serenade"

Romania's very own singer-songwriter, actress, and recording artist ANDRADA light our fire with her latest sultry and steamy single, "Serenade."

ANDRADA has been basking in the spotlight since she was 13, landing her first major role on Romania's most awarded musical TV drama, Pariu cu Viata. That same year, she joined La La Band and went on to tour thirty cities. After four seasons of Pariu cu Viata and three national tours with La La Band, ANDRADA decided to go solo, and it was the best decision of her career.

The young singer-songwriter recently released her sensual and lively single, "Serenade," with an accompanying music video to heat things up. The song's exciting instrumentation and production paired with ANDRADA's sultry and desirous lyrics truly feed the soul. Not to mention ANDRADA's immense charisma and allure, she makes it difficult to ignore such an intriguing performance.

Hitting play on "Serenade," the song opens with airy and upbeat drum breaks that drop into this exciting r&b beat with subtle pop synths that creep in overtop of the rhythmic percussion. ANDRADA later begins singing a rather jealous lyrical concept of feeling someone rushing through her veins when they embrace a new lover.

ANDRADA does an incredible job portraying the emotions of those frustrating situations, all while putting a sexy and sensual spin with lyrics that yearn for their touch. The groovy r&b/pop production later swells into this vibrant hook with a bright electric guitar that sparks a fire in our hearts while ANDRADA continues her attention-demanding performance until the very last beat.

Douse yourself in the flames of ANDRADA's new lustful single, "Serenade," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, ANDRADA. We're head over heels for your latest sensual and heated single, "Serenade." What inspired you to create such an exciting and lustful track like this?

I honestly don't know what's gotten into me when I came up with this concept, but I wanted to get out of my comfort zone, try out something new, and let the world see another side of me. I fell in love with the instrumental when I first heard the demo, and everything just came into place afterward. It was summer, it was very hot so I guess my wild side 'entered the chat' haha. It wasn't easy pulling off this concept, because I wanted to play with the listener's mind subtly, without going overboard.

During your songwriting process for "Serenade," what sort of pictures or scenes did you want to paint in the listener's mind?

I had a lot of fun writing this, it was so interesting using a concept & words with double meaning. I think up until the chorus, you'd think it's about a woman, when in fact - SPOILER ALERT: it's about a guitar. Depending on how you view the song, it can either be very innocent, or the complete opposite, but that's the beauty of it. I wanted the listeners to create their own story, rather than me painting it for them. A little imagination never hurt anyone.

What was it like working with producers Magic Juice' and Brien Foster Allen when creating the production for "Serenade?" How did they help execute the vision you had in mind?

Magic Juice and Brien Allen are two of my favorite people in the world. They're not only amazing at what they do, but they're also amazing people. I and Magic have been working together for almost 7 years now and he's the one who has helped me find my sound and pushed me to try out different styles and 'get out of my head'. He understands my vision, which is the most important thing, and together we have created some work that I am proud of. With Serenade, he trusted my ideas and let me go crazy with them. When the 'Serenade' concept came into my mind I started humming a guitar melody, recorded it on my phone, and called Brien the second I got home. He was excited to be part of this song with me and I think we've spent over 6 hours on Facetime working on it. He is an incredible guitar player and a truly incredible human. There is no better feeling than working on a song you love with people who believe in you and your vision and want nothing but to help you achieve it so I am very grateful for that.

What was your experience on the set of your music video for "Serenade?" What was it like working with your team on set?

Oh, I wouldn't know where to start! I loved every minute of it- even the 5 a.m shots when I think my brain went into autopilot mode. It was a very long shoot day, but I wanted it all to turn out the way I envisioned. I am a massive fan of mood boards and I think they are crucial when it comes to music videos. You'll never see me show up asking 'So what's the plan guys? What are we filming today?' 'cause I am the person that has 10000 files with everything from set ideas and lighting to hairstyles, makeup & outfits. I live by the saying: 'Go hard or go home so I am extremely invested in every single project that I do and give my heart and soul when it comes to working. I spent two days back to back with the director picking frame by frame to create the final video...some might say that I'm a bit of a control freak, but when it comes to your career I believe no one wants you to succeed more than you do so you owe it to yourself to work hard. I am very thankful for the hair & makeup team who stayed with me on set until 5 a.m, for the entire crew that was rooting for this video, and of course my dance partner for not dropping me during the choreography. Everyone brought their A-game on set so all the stress paid off. Serenade is the song and video that required the most time, effort, and rehearsals so I'm glad it's out in the world for people to see.


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