Feeling in the Mood for Classic and Contemporary Blues/Soul? Christina Lyon is Your Kind of Artist

Breakthrough artist Christina Lyon hails from Redondo Beach, CA, and is here to make a serious impact on the music industry we're exposed to today. How is she planning on doing this? Well, give one listen to the soundings of Christina and you'll quickly realize the eclecticism embedded within her style. She gives flare and spunk, but with some of our old favorite melodies--melodies that allow one to reflect and reminisce. Already opening for artists such as Etta James, Christina Lyon is on track to paving a permanent spot for herself within the Retro/Soul music community.

A velvety rhythm combined with a consistent drum is what starts off Christina Lyon's track, "I'll Be There". There are some heavy jazz integrations with "I'll Be There", which allows for that calm and collected ambiance to be projected onto listeners. Christina Lyon takes "I'll Be There" to fully showcase her vocal range, which we have to note is very wide and full of substance. Christina focuses on using lighter brass instruments to keep up the jazzy/bluesy appeal. With its repetitive lines and eccentric combination of soundings, "I'll Be There" can come off as quite multi-faceted, appeasing to many listening tastes. We're glad that Christina Lyon stepped out of her comfort zone with this track because the end product resulted in an outflow of flavors and stylings that appear exclusive and unique to her music. We're hoping for more of Christina Lyon's classic, modern and retro-soul sound in the near future.

Listen to "I'll Be There" here.