Find Comfort in Linneah New Release, “Season’s Greetings”

Linneah is proof that you don’t always need formal training to chase your dreams. Starting in high school this young artist taught herself guitar, drums, piano production and mixing using Google as her teacher! In her final year of school, she decided it was time to leave Fort Walton Beach, Florida and move to Los Angeles to expand her musical interest. Here she studied audio industry from the Los Angeles Recording School. Linneah's work is influenced by pop-punk bands as well as previous experience working with EDM DJs. 2018 was a big year for her as she worked as an assistant engineer to Matthew Weiss on Akon’s debut Spanish album, “El Negrito” as well as other artists including; Beck G  Ozuna and Nicki Minaj. Prior to this, she released her debut name, “The Roommate”. 

A self-taught and aspiring artist, Linneah recently released her newest single, “Season’s Greetings”. Inspired to bring comfort to those who may be spending the holidays alone or recovering from a broken heart or post-breakup bitterness. With sarcastic cheery vocals, jingle bells to get you in the holiday spirit and relatable lyrics with an 80s twist, her single has a lot to offer. Linneah has no problem exploring darker themes and pouring her heart out. She sings with emotion and gives the listener an emphatic ear. “Season’s Greetings” is comical and extremely entertaining. The perfect way to get back at an ex for the hardships they may have caused. Listening to this reminds me of “Ur So Gay” by Katy Perry and Fall Out Boy's "Yule Shoot Your Eye Out" as all of these artists tastefully bash ex-lovers. This song is completely original and I can honestly say I’ve never laughed so much and enjoyed a holiday song like this before. To whoever hurt your heart Linneah, we agree, they should spend it alone!

Listen to "Season's Greetings" here.

Hi Linneah and welcome to BuzzMusic! We love your edgy style. You are extremely talented and it’s inspired how to started picking up music. Can you tell us what led to the decision to teach yourself all these instruments and skills?

Thank you! I genuinely appreciate the kind words. I'm definitely an introverted, extrovert. I found myself loving my solitude a lot as a kid, and learning new skills has always been what I have done to pass the time. The first time I remember hearing someone play the guitar live, I immediately went home and told my Dad I want a guitar. He told me I had to earn it, so I babysat my neighbor's kids until I had $100 and got my first guitar. After that, I was obsessed. I started writing songs almost immediately after learning a few chords.

“Season’s Greetings” is such a unique holiday song. You’ve definitely opened up a new avenue not many artists have ventured. How does it feel to be a pioneer in this area?

I wrote it during a time I was feeling very bitter everyone else was so happy that it was Christmas, and here I was spending the first Christmas after a really bad breakup alone. Christmas music is mostly positive and cheery, and I knew I couldn't be the only one feeling like this during the holidays. I really wanted to make it the anti-Christmas song, while still keeping the Christmas spirit alive.

Your track is so comical it reminds me of some of Katy Perry’s work, is she one of your influences? If not, who?

I do highly admire Katy Perry's work and think she's very talented. This wasn't influenced by her though. I was actually inspired by Fall Out Boy. They have a song called "Yule Shoot Your Eye Out" and I was blasting this song thinking about the same ex Season's Greetings is written about. I really wanted to make something similar since there aren't many mean Christmas songs.

You flawlessly combine pop, hip hop, and Christmas into one. How have your past experiences helped to create this track?

I love pop music, I always have. I liked hip hop as well, but after going through a really hard time in life, my friend introduced me to some really great alternative hip hop artists, and their music helped me get through so much. I wrote a hip-hop song called "Grinding like the Geres" to thank her for helping me get through that time (their last name is Gere). After making that song, I had some friends really motivate me to keep rapping, and I had so much to say at the time about my story, it really helped me release a lot of it. I love all genres of music and really wanted to combine my love for other genres in my sound as well.

Thank you for being with us. Having worked on other artist's music as an assistant engineer do you have any interest in collaborating with others and if so, who?

Thank you again for having me! This list is incredibly big, but a few at the top right now are Halsey, Macklemore, Fall Out Boy, Chelsea Cutler, Role Model, Dominic Fike, Fletcher, and Taylor Swift.