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Find Inner Passion Through Taylor Mas' Latest Releases

With a constructive outlook on the events of 2020, Ireland-based Singer and Songwriter Taylor Mas has devoted most of her extra time at home to her creative workings.

She has allowed herself to look closer at the world around her and become inspired by things she didn't have the time to before, such as books, paintings, and nature.

As a result, Taylor Mas' new releases are a transparent reflection of her newfound introspection and wisdom.

Priding herself on her lyrical honesty, she will steal the listener's heart with her storytelling. She uses her words to paint a picture of her vulnerable side, expressing each emotion through her raw instrumentation and soulful vocals.

With each original piece, Taylor Mas motivates listeners to become enthralled with her emotion-triggering atmospheres and eventually allow themselves to unravel and surrender to their true feelings.

If you're the type of music lover who vibes with the soulful and thought-provoking aspects of serene Pop, Taylor Mas will have your heart.

Discover more about Taylor Mas here.

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