Find Your "Summer Style" with Allison Asarch's Recent Single

From Houston to Nashville, the singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and country-pop artist Allison Asarch releases a feel-good single just in time for summer entitled "Summer Style."

Heavily influenced by acts like Taylor Swift, Allison Asarch grew up basking in the glory of powerhouse vocalists like Shania Twain, Tina Turner, and Freddie Mercury. Blending pop, country, and jazz into her sound, Allison Asarch is also an advocate for female empowerment in the music industry, encouraging them to let their talents shine.

Getting us in the summer spirit with her latest single, "Summer Style," Allison Asarch fueled this single with a nostalgic nod to 60s surf rock while also pushing a prominent country-pop feel. Co-written with Andrea Renfree and Raymy Krumrei, Allison Asarch had this to say about the single, "This song is made to get you excited for summer! After a crazy long 2020, I hope this song gets you dancing and excited to be back out safely with friends and family!"

Diving into "Summer Style," the tune opens with fresh instrumentals through a tight bassline, upbeat drum breaks, and twangy electric guitars. As Allison Asarch begins riding the beat like a wave, she gets deep into the groove while rocking her sweet summer style. We love the liveliness and playfulness of this single, as it gets us moving and grooving up on our feet.

Moving through the single, Allison Asarch delivers incredibly fun-loving lyricism that pays tribute to the rejuvenating feeling the season brings. With a groovy surf rock undertone, the instrumentals keep us gliding through the song while landing on the beaming outro without a care in the world.

Get into your "Summer Style" with Allison Asarch's latest lively single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Allison Asarch. We can't get enough of the playful vibe within your latest single, "Summer Style." What inspired you to release such an exciting and groovy summer anthem?

Thank you so much!! I think after this year, we need this summer anthem more than ever!!! Summer is also my favorite season, so I was excited to work on this song with Andi Renfree & Raymy Krumrei!

Why did you want to deliver a nod to 60s surf rock within the instrumentals of your recent single, "Summer Style?”

I have always loved The Beach Boys! I went and saw them in NYC at The Today Show for my 11th birthday!! My mom let me wiggle my way to the front of the line with the sign my Granny Suz made for me :) While writing this song, we couldn't help but add in "ooh's" while we were making the song come to life. We started out with Raymy on the keyboard, then Ren Renfree did an amazing job of producing this song and adding in those subtle hints of Surf Rock! I think it helps the tune stand out from the rest. I am in love with how it turned out!!

When writing your lyrics for "Summer Style," what sort of scenes did you want to capture, and how did you want listeners to feel from these scenes?

Andi came to the writing with some amazing images that made you think of summer! We ran with her amazing ideas! We wanted to capture images of the beach, images of getting ready to head to the lake, and images of just plain fun! We wanted listeners to be able to close their eyes and imagine themselves on the beach!

Do you usually write songs that reflect the current season or times we're living in, similar to "Summer Style?”

Funny enough, we wrote this song back in January 2020 - before Covid shut down the globe! When we wrote it then it still meant so much to us with getting excited about summer, but as I said before, now more than ever I knew we needed to have this song out to the world! I wanted to give people hope and excitement to get back to normal again. When I'm writing music, sometimes a lyric will just come to me out of the blue. If I don't write it down right away I'll forget it. Taylor Swift is one of my biggest influences and I remember when I started to write songs in high school... I would wake up in the middle of the night with an idea and open up my phone to write it down. I still do this today, and Taylor does this and also records voice memos. Just one of the many things I have learned from her.