First in Flight Encourages Us to Flee Society's Vain "Simulation" in a New Single

The California-based rocking four-piece First in Flight challenges the overnight success most strive for with their latest steaming hot single, "Simulation."

Comprised of two metal musicians looking for a change and two jazz geeks striving to rock out, the four-piece First in Flight swoons listeners with their 80s-inspired dance-rock that's bound to leave anyone feeling empowered. Having toured with the likes of Finish Ticket, Vinyl Theater, MILKK, and AllDay, it's evident that First in Flight are on their way to becoming a household name sooner than later.

Challenging the norms of success with their latest single, "Simulation," First in Flight offers a steady and upbeat groove for listeners to lose themselves in. As the band's lyricism expands on anti-overnight success and creating music without being dictated by likes and viral views, they leave us feeling a sense of togetherness and authenticity that's highly sought-after in our independent music industry.

Taking a ride through the "Simulation," the track kicks off with a bright piano melody and a pulsating synth. As the rollicking electric guitar blazes through our speakers alongside a punchy kick drum, lead vocalist Pat makes his melodic and dynamic vocal appearance while depicting the stimulation society has seemed to lock themselves in with their viral-focused approach and fame-driven mentality.

We're totally enthralled with First in Flight's ability to merge 80s synthpop tones with their dense and fiery rock instrumentals, as it offers this unique flair that sends chills down our spines. Not to mention their overall cohesive and whole-sounding instrumentals, First in Flight truly sets themselves apart from other indie rock bands by way of scorching hot and meaningful releases like this.