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Fleur en Fleur Delivers A Powerful Message In Their Passionate Single, “Worth”

Fleur en Fleur is a sister duo based in Germany who have dedicated their lives to music ever since their childhood. Fleur en Fleur released their record titled “WORTH”. An empowering song that hinted the theme of knowing your self-worth. The message in this song is highly powerful because it motivates you to roam freely as who you are and find the people who love you for your authentic self, not the image they have for you. Music should most definitely serve a purpose and have the morale to it. Fleur en Fleur showcases this idea in this classic sounding RnB song that can weave between the lines of contemporary pop as well. Not only are their vocals mesmerizing, but they also switch the style and begin rapping as well. But their rap wasn’t any ordinary rap, it was impressive and had substance to it. The lyrics were meaningful and needed to be heard. Ending the song, Fleur en Fleur gives a spirituous and passionate speech that emphasized the true meaning of self-respect, care, and love. Fleur en Fleur are a dynamic duo who has voices that deserve to be heard by millions around the world. “WORTH” was amazing.

Check out "WORTH" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Fleur en Fleur! How would you describe your growing environment in Germany? What made you want to pursue music?

Music is a part of our lives since early childhood. All started when our mother decided to put us in local music school. Starting with violin lessons, soon we found out about our true passion, singing. With all the musical education we got during our youth it was just a natural consequence to pursue music for life.

Knowing you two are sisters! What differentiates you two from one another musically wise?

We are sisters, we might look alike, but indeed we are really different personalities, not only musically wise. In terms of music we would say that we match pretty perfect, as sisters we know each others so well that most of the understanding just comes naturally. Isabelles voice is lower, but very strong, her taste is a lot about that new R’n’B and jazzy Lo-Fi sound as Jorja Smith, or Cleo Sol shows us. My voice is more about higher ranges and I really love the Hip Hop kind of vibe, the most important fact is that we believe in sounding so much more powerful together than alone, to share what we both love gives us a lot of strength that we carry on in our music.

“WORTH” was a powerful song with an even more powerful message. What inspired you to write this?

Growing up in times of social media we all have to deal with the struggle of „one“ perfect body image. What has been a privilege to some beauty models in magazines is now daily business for everyone of us. No matter how comfortable you feel in your own skin, social media will have an effect on that, if you allow it to. Seeing perfectness all over your feed makes it even harder to trust in your own beauty, in your own worth. With our song WORTH with want to encourage people and ourselves to, despite the fact of social media being such a thing, your body and your worth is not depending on anyone else but you. Sonya Renee Taylors Book „The Body Is Not an Apology“ was a great inspiration to this song. This time we live in is not only about social media and flawlessness, it’s also about acceptance, tolerance and self love.

In what ways do you feel “WORTH” relates to your personal lives?

We try not to allow any situation in which we don’t feel worth it. My worth comes from inside, no one can change, or value it, but me.

What’s next for Fleur en Fleur?

Our next release will be a cool dance track. Relating to our Brazilian roots. We hope to be able to drop it at the end of August! Next will be an EP Release, concerts and much more!!! Stay tuuuuned!!!


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