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Flow In "The River," Of Jimmy Swagg's Anthemic Single

One of Southern California's hottest acts to watch right now is the versatile recording artist and singer-songwriter Jimmy Swagg, who's making waves with his dreamy new single "The River" from his latest 7-track album, 'St. Mary.'

Jimmy Swagg made his way around SoCal with lively performances at iconic venues like The Whisky A Go-Go, The Viper Room, and State Social House. By uniting audiences with his wicked live performances and spiritual aura, Swagg is taking his career to places he once imagined.

The California-based recording artist prides himself on conveying the truth in every way possible. He invites listeners to experience the magic of music with staple releases like the latest, "The River," from his recent album, 'St. Mary.' The album itself brings a whole new rock edge to Jimmy Swagg's sound, and the introductory single, "The River," sets the conceptual and exciting tone perfectly.

Diving into "The River," we splash into the waters of a dreamy and surf-rock-inspired electric guitar that strums hazy and transcendent melodies soaked in reverb. Once the gritty and edgy rhythm guitar and drums begin flowing through our speakers, Jimmy Swagg makes his way in and sings a deeply introspective message of washing his sorrows and experiences away in the river.

We give props to Jimmy Swagg for creating such a cinematic sonic landscape within this track, especially within his broad instrumentals that drive to new and relentless peaks while also dipping in the depths of despair. We truly understand why Jimmy Swagg has become such a sought-after act, and we're sure any listeners will appreciate his relatable lyrics, soulful flair, and complex compositions.

Take a dip in "The River" with Jimmy Swagg's new hit, and find the rest of his album, 'St. Mary,' on all streaming platforms.

We're truly impressed with the depth, power, and emotion you've brought to your recent hit, "The River." What inspired the conceptual lyrics within this track?

When this song came to me, I had been on a full-speed collision with life and death that resulted in many difficult deaths in my family. I had just made a cross-country trip to and from Texas to see my sick mother. Despite the challenging part of her untimely death, I am grateful that I was able to say goodbye in person. My career at the time felt like it was at a standstill and I was feeling frustrated by how many times I had had to start over since my move to Los Angeles seven years ago! During 2020, I wrote songs in hopes of feeling better and in hopes that SOMETHING that I wrote moved me! I played with the idea of dusting myself up once again to give my music another shot, but it just felt overwhelming. Instead, I turned to write and just wrote.

What sort of sound were you aiming to create with the instrumentals in "The River?" Did you have any projects or artistic influences in mind during this process?

Early on, my dad (he played trombone in Mexico) taught me the importance of having a great ear. This taught me how to listen to musicians singers, and most importantly, how to listen to the song. I wasn't influenced by anything in particular when the production of this song came about. I was after the feeling, and that stayed consistent with the entire album. I love to collaborate with others who I feel are artists in their respective fields. Because I believe that I can achieve something more special with another like-minded individual, so for this reason, I teamed up with a team that could put their artistic expression into my vision, with each song to come up with what I believe is a special album!

Your lyrics within "The River" are pretty emotional and heavy. Was it challenging to write such reflective lyrics? Or was this song a needed outlet to release those emotions?

Like most of my songs, this song came very fluidly and quickly. My songwriting process may not involve getting the song completed quickly (because being in a hurry is never my goal), but the vibe and feel do announce themselves to me quickly! I was experiencing a lot at the time, and writing became my outlet. As soon as I began writing this song, I felt something special. If a song can move you, I think that THAT might be the best drug! I have always poured myself into my art, and this song was no exception.

Why did you choose to place "The River" as the introductory track on your recent album, 'St. Mary?' How does this song set the tone and prepare listeners for the entire project?

The process of completing my first major album brought about many life lessons that I hadn't anticipated. I absolutely learned the price of admission for my dream, and I also learned that I could fucking pay it. I dug deep within myself to overcome, and by God's mercy, I feel that I was able to create music in my own way to reflect my soul and to be able to take this love to the world through ROCK N ROLL!

What sets the album, 'St. Mary,' apart from your other releases? What makes this album different and more evolved than your previous projects?

The creation of this album led me to what I see now as my purpose. There is truth and freedom that the people deserve! My album represents this freedom and encourages anyone listening to vibrate higher, headbang harder, and say it loudly...JIMMY SWAGG!



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