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Follow DIVNE Into The Clouds With New Release, “Mind in the Sky”

Coming to us from Toronto, Canada, DIVNE shows off her epic pop melodies in her new song “Mind in the Sky."

Filipina singer-songwriter DIVNE comes from a background of diverse musical influences, growing up around r&b, alternative rock, and K-pop, all of which have shaped her into the artist that she is today. Pulling from real and vulnerable experiences, DIVNE’s music aims to touch her audience while giving them a catchy, fun melody to hook onto. “Mind in the Sky” is DIVNE’s latest release, full of smooth, sultry vocals and stimulating lyrics – this is one you don’t want to miss.

“Mind in the Sky” starts slow and airy, with the ethereal tones pulling the listener in from the start. DIVNE’s vocals come in hot, her emotion and passion evident from the first note. DIVNE sings of being lost through abstract lyrics and creative metaphors, and the listener will feel as though they are on this journey with her. Once the beat kicks in, you notice how the rhythm, melody, and DIVNE’s voice complement one another. As the song progresses, DIVNE’s lyrics leave you eager to wonder how her journey ends.

“Mind in the Sky” closes off by coming back to the simple, elegant guitar from the beginning of the song, a full-circle moment that beautifully completes the track. For anyone feeling lost in their own mind, DIVNE offers a sense of understanding and relatability in her lyrics.

From delicate and refined vocals to sensitive lyrics to killer melodies, “Mind in the Sky” has something for everyone. Available now on all streaming platforms, don’t miss out.

We’re so happy to have you at BuzzMusic, DIVNE. Could you tell us about the inspiration for “Mind in the Sky'?" Where did this song-writing journey start for you?

Thank you so much for having me! I'm super happy to be here. "Mind in the Sky" was initially called Ben's Song because I wrote it for one of my twitch fans whose username was Bentisto. I hosted a giveaway where I would write a song for the winner, and they'd give me a prompt to work on. They said to write a song about how you imagine things differently in nature when you're a child compared to when you're grown up. I was super compelled by this idea. They also sent a photo of a red sky and said that a child might imagine it as the sky on fire. I think the reason why I loved this idea was that I loved how it reminded me of the things that made me happy as a kid, and it was definitely a treat to re-experience it through songwriting. Writing ‘Mind in the Sky’ was a therapeutic experience. I remember I was reading the prompt while the sun was shining bright in my light green-colored room. The vibe and the atmosphere were perfect. I grabbed my guitar and played around with a bunch of chords until I found a compelling and mysterious-like sound. I sat down, and I started mumbling and singing for 3 minutes straight. I made a song just there. The crazy thing was, this was the first-ever happy song I made. I wrote down lyrics that I thought were fitting, and I finished it all while the sun was coming down.

What is one thing you want listeners to take away from “Mind in the Sky”? What message were you hoping to get across?

I want listeners to feel calm and comforted when they hear this song. I want them to think about a happy time in their childhood when things felt still. I think growing up, we're just always so busy and grinding that we forget what it feels like to relax and feel still. I hope I can give some sort of healing to my listeners. As a kid, I used music to help cope with my anxiety, so I hope Mind in the Sky can be calming to my listeners. I wanted to tell the message that you're never too old for the things you loved as a kid. I realized that a lot of what made me who I am today were the things that I loved as a kid. I’ve been super into k-pop and anime again lately, and it's always been something that inspired my art.

How did you decide on what the tone/atmosphere would sound like for “Mind in the Sky?" Were there any struggles along the way when it came to creating the song?

I think finding the right tone and the atmosphere was easy, considering the lyrics talk about the sky a lot. So, when we were making the song, we knew it had to be atmospheric and dreamy. It needed to sound raw and happy but have this sense of longing, almost like you miss something? You're reminiscing about the old times. It was one of those songs where everything was fast, and everything seemed right. Almost like the song was handed to us on a silver platter, and we were just surprised that we created this. I wrote the whole song in one sitting, Adrian made the production one day, and we recorded the vocals the next day. We listened to it, and we felt if we added more, it’d be too much, or it wouldn’t fit. There was even a one-take vocal I did with my eyes closed which we thought was amazing. I opened my eyes to see Adrian with a surprised look on his face, which I didn't expect. That's why I giggled at the end of the song.

Is there anything that listeners should prepare to hear from you in the near future? What’s next for you?

I have a music video coming on July 1st, which is Factor funded. The music video contains easter eggs to some of my favorite childhood films; the one thing that helped shape who I am today. I also plan on releasing a couple of more singles this year! One is in the style of lo-fi and r&b, so that's definitely going to be chill. It's just the beginning for DIVNE!

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