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Following the "Light" of Lyra Star's Bright Path

We love shining the spotlight on Los Angeles based Artist, Singer and Songwriter, Lyra Star.

As one to engage us with her captivating vocals and themes that weigh heavy on the emotions she exudes, Lyra Star manages to illustrate a picture wherever she goes with her in-depth storytelling talents.

Her most recent single “Light,” paves a relatable path to anyone who has undergone the heartache from a lost love. Delving into the delicate piano melodies accompanied by the song's natural atmosphere, Lyra Star has fans gravitating towards the emotional connection exuded that in return allows them to not only hear the music but to feel it.

Floating upon the chilling performance she delivers, we remain committed to the fervent journey we set sail on in, “Light.” Capturing our hearts with her warm embrace, Lyra Star glistens as the fiery passion in her ignites with no sign of burning out.

Discover more about Lyra Star here.



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