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Freddie Freeloader Takes The Spotlight With His Explorative And Introspective Releases

If you haven't heard of the free-spirited and mysteriously enticing artist Freddie Freeloader, then it's definitely time to familiarize yourself with his eclectically-striking alternative music. With a grand passion for embedding his own flavourful twist, Freddie Freeloader isn't at all afraid to pull his listeners onto his wild ride that is his very own sound.

Freddie Freeloaders' recent bout of track releases, including "Almond Blossom," was meant to tease his audience into the highly anticipated debut of "CRIMSON I," his EP that's set to hit streaming platforms in the near future. "Almond Blossom" specifically was a song that shared his raw thoughts surrounding life, love and many topics in between.

Interestingly enough, Freddie Freeloader shares that "Almond Blossom," was named after the painting crafted by Van Gogh, and was the very painting he saw on his last day of "normalcy." Beginning an impactful transition within his life, Freddie Freeloader gets vulnerable with his audience and reminisces on past times. The product of "Almond Blossom" was very genuine, and the efforts of Freddie Freeloader truly didn't go unnoticed.

Read the full BuzzMusic article on Freddie Freeloader and his single "Almond Blossom," here.

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