FreeChains and Kurupt Start a Fire with Their Latest Single, "Never Fair"

Representing Connecticut with each endeavor, songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop artist FreeChains pairs up with Kurupt for their powerful single, "Never Fair."

Living by his motto, 'why be the best in the game when you can change the rule book?,' songwriter/rapper FreeChains always held a profound passion for freestyling and writing meaningful bars. Striving to leave the world better than he found it, FreeChains is truly changing the hip-hop game for young rappers and hip-hop heads across the globe.

Now releasing his heaviest and strongest single to date with "Never Fair (feat. Kurupt)," FreeChains makes it difficult to ignore such a robust and poised sound as both artists bring the heat with their meaningful and dominant bars. While rapping over a fiery and scorching hot beat, FreeChains and Kurupt make the experience all the more empowering with their authoritative and assertive performances.

Jumping into "Never Fail," the track takes off with a blistering hip-hop beat that takes us back to the powerhouse era of early 00s hip-hop with their electrifying synths and dense drum breaks. As Kurupt jumps into the song's first verse, he lets his thoughts be heard via his hard-hitting vocal delivery while informing us on how sick he is of the fakes and those who attempt to destroy his career's stamina.

As the catchy and fiery hook blazes through our speakers, FreeChains grooves his way into the second verse while portraying immense confidence and vitality through his in-depth and honest bars. As the track comes to an end, we're left feeling rejuvenated and motivated to get the bag we've been working towards.

Chase your deepest desires with help from FreeChains and Kurupt's latest single, "Never Fair," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic FreeChains, and congratulations on the release of your powerful and striking single, "Never Fair (feat. Kurupt)." When did you begin finding ideas and writing bars for this hit? What inspired the creation of this single?

My music is really for the hard-working hustlers who are just like me. Chasing a bag and on their way to make it out of whatever situation they're in. My music also mainly revolved around my climb to the top and changing the game. Hence the line, "Take the game keep spitting flames till they put me everywhere." So when I heard the beat, I thought to myself, "I gotta go crazy on this!" My verse took about a week to write officially and even then, I rewrote making sure every line, metaphor, rhyme, and scheme would hit perfectly on the beat. The main inspiration was really my hunger and desire to make something that not only could really be a hit but also relate to the fans I have already built up to this point.

Who produced the hefty sonic arrangements within "Never Fair (feat. Kurupt)?" What sort of sonic atmosphere were you aiming for when creating the production?

Anno Domini Nation really put this song together. They seriously did their thing on this beat and I'm glad to have the opportunity to work with that team of producers. However, when I was in the studio, I was aiming for a loud banger that can not only be played when you're working on a goal, but also win a huge concert to really get the crowd going. If you pay attention to the build-up after my verse, you can almost imagine the excitement I intend this song to explode with.

Why did you choose to feature rapper/songwriter Kurupt in "Never Fair? What initially drew you to his stylings and sound?

Kurupt of Tha Dawg Pound's speed of rap really seems to match the bpm of the beat. However, his verse can be very similar to mine as he shows his distaste for how hip hop looks today. "I'm sick of all these b*****. I'm sick of how these b**** n***as tripping. And how y'all give these passes to these snitches." This man is a west coast legend in his own right and it seems like he is proving to hip hop that he still has dominance over the game.

"We've heard that "Never Fair" is your biggest and most significant release yet. Why is this so? What makes this song stand out from the rest of your discography?

There are two things that really make it stand out compared to other songs I have released. The promotion and the work ethic to put this song together. This is the first article written about my music and it was to this first song that adds a feeling of nervousness and accomplishment. I'm a bit nervous because I have never really gotten this level of exposure before but I also feel accomplished because this is the highest level of exposure I have received. It makes me think "Wow. I've come so far and it still feels like I'm just getting started." This leads me to the second factor: Work ethic. I have been making music for almost 10 years and I have been releasing music on services such as SoundCloud and Youtube for about 6 to 7 years now. This song was by far the most difficult to record. Eight to nine months of writing, rewriting, finding places to record, rerecording, even finding ways to get distribution which I am still dealing with at the time I'm writing this. It was a long battle of determination from the beginning to the end and I will learn from the mistakes I made along the way. Overall, I know for sure that in the end, it will be worth it.

What's next for you?

As of right now, I'm just trying to finish out the year as strong as I possibly can. Everything I plan on releasing is written. I just need to get ready to put it all together through a couple of sessions. Afterward, I won't release as much as I did this year in 2022 but I will definitely still be on my grind. Best believe that.