FreeChains and Kurupt Start a Fire with Their Latest Single, "Never Fair"

Representing Connecticut with each endeavor, songwriter, rapper, and hip-hop artist FreeChains pairs up with Kurupt for their powerful single, "Never Fair."

Living by his motto, 'why be the best in the game when you can change the rule book?,' songwriter/rapper FreeChains always held a profound passion for freestyling and writing meaningful bars. Striving to leave the world better than he found it, FreeChains is truly changing the hip-hop game for young rappers and hip-hop heads across the globe.

Now releasing his heaviest and strongest single to date with "Never Fair (feat. Kurupt)," FreeChains makes it difficult to ignore such a robust and poised sound as both artists bring the heat with their meaningful and dominant bars. While rapping over a fiery and scorching hot beat, FreeChains and Kurupt make the experience all the more empowering with their authoritative and assertive performances.

Jumping into "Never Fail," the track takes off with a blistering hip-hop beat that takes us back to the powerhouse era of early 00s hip-hop with their electrifying synths and dense drum breaks. As Kurupt jumps into the song's first verse, he lets his thoughts be heard via his hard-hitting vocal delivery while informing us on how sick he is of the fakes and those who attempt to destroy his career's stamina.

As the catchy and fiery hook blazes through our speakers, FreeChains grooves his way into the second verse while portraying immense confidence and vitality through his in-depth and honest bars. As the track comes to an end, we're left feeling rejuvenated and motivated to get the bag we've been working towards.

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