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Frequencies Are at a High With j ReY’s Track, “Positive Affirmations (Feat. Noah’s Art)”

Pittsburgh's own, artist/rapper j ReY releases his thankful and optimistic single "Positive Affirmations (feat. Noah's Art)". Delivering what's known as 'conscious rap,' j ReY is infinitely inspired to create music that sparks an idea in listeners' minds and helps them see with love and openness. Putting it all into action with his recent single "Positive Affirmations (feat. Noah's Art)", j ReY brings his spiritual side to the table and allows us to gain some clarity and cope with today's stressors. Noah's Art brings a similar approach and widens the track with his unique flow, all to help himself and j ReY emphasize their positive message.

Opening at a down-tempo pace with a soft beat underneath fluid electric guitar picking, "Positive Affirmations (feat. Noah's Art)" is met with j ReY's smooth and filtered intro vocals, quietly preaching that we can't use our energy towards negativity. Jumping into the hook, the catchy electric guitar stands out as the core melody. At the same time, j ReY goes into his optimistic flow, recognizing the importance of energetic frequencies and where we put our energy. While Noah's Art begins rapping, his verse lets listeners in on his higher state of self and lets us know that we must speak benefits out in order for them to return. Truly a track full of life, hope, and spirituality, j ReY's "Positive Affirmations (feat. Noah's Art)" is simply food for the soul.

Hey j ReY, welcome to BuzzMusic! We truly took something away after listening to your enlightening single “Positive Affirmations (feat. Noah’s Art)”. When did you originally start creating the track, and did you have any sort of inspiration behind the song?

I started writing the track at the beginning of April. The flow and message were inspired simply by trying to find a way to radiate something positive during these turbulent times. I was also really excited about this track because anytime you can collab with an artist and there is a mutual respect, it really pushes you to want to give something brilliant.

Seeing as j ReY and Noah’s Art both go in with these incredible vibes on “Positive Affirmations (feat. Noah’s Art)”, we’d like to ask what made this collaboration work so well? Did the two of you help write each other’s verses, or was it more of an individual approach?

I've known of Noah for a while now, so I knew what kind of vibe I was looking to create whenever I reached out to him. I did my thing and sent it his way, he wrote an incredible verse that is gonna be timeless and enhance the entire vibe of the project. 

We’ve noticed that over the span of a year, j ReY’s discography has grown wider and incredibly broad. Did you always have this spiritual and optimistic delivery in your music, and have you seen growth since the first few singles?

Yeah honestly for a while it made me question myself with rapping and what I was saying, ya know, compared to other artists, until I realized writing the insightful, positive flows is just who I am and I started embracing it fully. The growth has definitely been evident, getting more involved with engineering, and producing, playing instruments, etc. and just trying to put as much of me into the process as possible. And it helps writing too.

j ReY is said to be very passionate about creating music that allows listeners to relate on an emotional level, and help them see more than what meets the eye. Could you elaborate on how you put this into action, and how you lyrically approach music with these morals at hand?

I just believe that myself as well as many many others in our generation have been brought to earth to help heal it and fix it. I'm just playing my part with music because I didn't want to fall into the system. So that being my outlook I think I'm coming from a very real and relatable place to other people. Everyone feels that somewhere in their soul. If I can offer hope or inspiration to others by just becoming that energy and allowing them to latch onto it, then I've successfully spread my love and positivity.  Lyrically, I just allow my soul to tell me what needs to be said on the beat. I'm consciously digging for the things that are going to resonate deeply based on what I observe in my own experience and then expressing it from a universal perspective.

What can fans anticipate next from you, jReY?

JUNE 21st !!! The summer solstice. I'm releasing my next project. 12 song mixtape titled "ReAwakening" featuring Eean, Wyatt Erbb (both who were on my last project), first solo collab with a female artist (Christina Romano), and the single I just dropped (Positive Affirmations), with Noah. I couldn't have scripted a better time to release this. We are living through historical times right now with massive changes right on the horizon. There is an awakening happening on earth right now that is visible in literally everything. It's happening around us but mostly inside of us. 

If you take anything away from this, please stream this project on any platform !! It captures the "ReAwakening" that transformed me + my life, and I hope you can feel the love + soul energy I transfused into this art too.


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