Fresh New Indie Pop Vibes With Evelyn Landow

You can tell singer and indie-pop songwriter Evelyn Landow has certainly taken plenty of time grasping her recording technique. Working with her home studio, the artist has managed to pull off a beautifully sumptuous dream indie-pop record. These songs really get the best of you the more you listen. Dripping with personality and honesty, the album is full of gorgeous vocals, strings, synths, and guitars segments. 

Songs like "Under The Wave" give the feel of classic Bjork tracks, experimental, catchy, and strange all at the same time. With all the instruments in play, it's still the singing you become attached to. You find yourself going back to listen again after a track has ended quite often with this one. 

A heavily precise and different kind of indie-pop, Landow has pulled off something others only hope to with The Mirror Within record. Take a good long listen here